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Filed in Delaware by on August 28, 2014

Apparently, that 3:45 pm meeting between Elaine Manlove and Treasurer Flowers was quick. Amy Cherry of WDEL is up with the following story that Flowers’ withdrawal from the state treasurer’s race is effective IMMEDIATELY.

Flowers tells WDEL he spoke to state Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove and made the the decision final, ending speculation that he might re-enter the race. The announcement comes two weeks after Flowers, through tears, said he would be moving to Massachusetts, and politics would be his past, in the wake of a harassment accusation from ex-deputy treasurer Erika Benner.

Good. But I wonder how much this will be an issue, and if the name remains on the ballot, what happens if he wins somehow?

It’s unclear whether Flowers’ name will appear on the ballot on Sept. 9.

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  1. In The Know says:

    Finally … immediately … but forever?

    With his credibility hovering slightly below zero, can we really believe that he now intends to crawl under a rock and stay there?

  2. painesme says:

    Not buying it. Clearly a conspiracy. Manlove, Brenner, the News Journal, and the police are all obviously in Carper’s pocket. Hell, it’s possible that Chip was in it the whole time, just to show what happens to people who step out of line with the Markell – Carper – NWO triumvirate. I’m voting for COD as a write-in.

    /sarcasm. Just wanted to say it before Chip’s Champions got here.

  3. puck says:

    Too late… the Get-Chip Clown Swarm got here first with their snark and slurs masquerading as intelligence.

    I predict heaven and earth will be moved to get his name off the ballot.

  4. Old Sussex County Native says:

    “I predict heaven and earth will be moved to get his name off the ballot”
    Well, I am willing to help push!

  5. I guess the previous press conference was the ‘unofficial’ announcement.

    This is the ‘official’ announcement.

    Klown Kar can’t get to Mass. fast enough.

  6. John Manifold says:

    Would have loved to hear Daniello’s comments after Chip’s final supplication for return of his filing fee.

  7. puck says:

    in New Castle County, which contains more than half the state’s voting machines, you’ll likely see a sticker on top of the plastic.

    Vote for the sticker!

  8. Tom Kline says:

    Another Liberal Scumbag…

  9. SussexAnon says:

    “Another Liberal Scumbag…”

    Because we all know conservative scumbags stay in their jobs. No matter what. See: Phillips, Vance and Atkins, John.

  10. Nuttingham says:

    Given that he only barely squeaked by Bonini, even with Christine O’Donnell boosting Dem turnout in ’06, did anybody think Chip was going to survive Simpler in the general if he made it that far anyway?

  11. puck says:

    Given that Flowers kicked his ass in debates and on the campaign trail, does anybody think Barney was going to survive Chip in the primary?

  12. Mitch Crane says:

    Puck, we will never know 😉

  13. Nuttingham says:

    Barney did survive Chip in a primary.