Delaware’s 1033 Program Haul

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Assault Rifles: 234
Night Vision: 67
Body Armor: 136
Pistols: 37

No Mine Resistant Vehicles, but Queen Anne’s County has one.

Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office Open House

Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office Open House


An MRAP, or Mine Resisstant Ambush Protected vehicle, recently donated by the U.S. Army to the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office, attracts onlookers.

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  1. Steve Newton says:

    The police chief of Georgetown said he would have acquired an MRAP but the vehicle was too heavy for their roads. He said that if ever offered a smaller armored vehicle he’d take it.

    It is important to note that among all the swag we know about, there are ways for law enforcement to avoid reporting everything. The Secretary has the ability to categorize some of the received material as “law enforcement sensitive” and therefore not to divulge its delivery.

    Yet in some ways more important is the fact that Delaware is one of the states that allows law enforcement to access your cell-metadata from Federal (read NSA) databases without either probable cause or a warrant, or that three years ago the Secretary approved, and DIAC produced a “trojan horse” cell phone app that was supposed to report suspicious activity, but (when WIRED checked it out) actually allowed the DSP to take over your phone, operate your camera, and listen in to your conversations.

    The attitude in Delaware is not quite as much oriented toward heavy weapons as it is toward creating a surveillance state that recognizes no real boundaries.

  2. Geezer says:

    Does that night-vision goggles total include the pair Tom Gordon used to spy on Sherry Freebery at her beach house?