Thursday Open Thread [8.14.14]

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I am working on two major projects today: a race by race analysis of each General Assembly race and the Statewides and a look at what each candidate raised during the last reporting period and what cash they have on hand. So the Open Thread is going to be a little bare today. Like Coffee Talk on Saturday Night Live in the 90’s, I shall propose some topics for you to discuss:

1. Since Jack Markell took my advice and shaved his head, does he not look more and more like Jesse Ventura?

2. I wish I paid more attention to county politics, but they are just so boring and corrupt. Case in point.

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  1. Can’t wait for your race-by-race…so I can pick ’em apart!

  2. John Manifold says:

    The illustrated decline of the “native Sussex/Kent/New Castle Countian”

  3. AQC says:

    El Som, whatever happened to your countdown to most progressive legislator?