The President in Delaware

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I worked from home yesterday, covering some conferences and a deposition over the computer and the phone. But around lunchtime, I headed down Concord Pike to hit M&T Bank to deposit some checks, and I had just passed the Charcoal Pit and was coming up on the light at the old Rollins Tower, when the President’s motorcade came barreling up north on Concord Pike. That was unexpected. I knew the President was in my lovely state, but I expected him to stay south. After a delay of a few minutes that allowed the President to pass, traffic south of the Charcoal Pit was allowed to move again, so I was only slightly inconvenienced, not that I care. I thought it was pretty cool.

Here is something that Cassandra saw yesterday that was hilarious.

As Jim Romenesko says, don’t ask what the President had for dinner. According to Cass, we think this News Journal mobile headline was fixed last night.

If you have any stories or pictures from yesterday, share them here. Here are some from Facebook:

From Laura Thien:

From Erik Raser-Schramm:

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  1. puck says:

    The president left the restaurant around 1:30 p.m. – arriving at to the Port of Wilmington at 1:47 p.m.

    17 minutes? Really? I want a motorcade.

  2. Andy says:


  3. Tom Kline says:

    Sad excuse for a President.