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This is a good weekend, I’m putting off the house work activity (or I’m going to save this for some office timewasting on Monday) — The Delaware Test was created by some Delaware denizens of Reddit. It’s a bunch of questions, including a fair number of political ones. Take it and tell us: 1) your score; 2) what you think of these questions and 3) what question is missing.

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    I got 84% which surprised me. I laughed out loud at some of the answer choices, though.

  2. Unstable Isotope says:

    I got 74% which I thought was good for a non-native

  3. cassandra_m says:

    That *is* pretty good! That’s why I was surprised at my own score, since I’m a non-native too.

  4. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    Got a 90. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Capano was kind of a gimme. No questions about Uncle Duppie?

  5. new in town says:

    I’m willing to be humiliated but I still want to take the test. Since I have no clue about Reddit, can you post instruction on how to find the test? Thanks.

  6. new in town says:

    Nevermind. I fumble-fingered my way around your post and took the test. 62%. Bet Chip Flowers didn’t do as well.

  7. Joanne Christian says:

    84% and native. i can’t help it if geography isn’t my thing. it’s more important as a Delawarean to know the nuances of Delaware….not inlet or bay…it’s all the beach when you’re going there!!!!! Geesh…..

  8. The Straight Scoop says:

    This native scored a 96%. The serial killer question got me. Some of it made you think for a few — good test!

  9. Brock Landers says:

    I scored an 84 but I dispute the fact that Wawa has great coffee relative to it’s food.

  10. Dave says:

    72%. Moved to Delaware in 2011

  11. Jim C. says:

    I got an 88. I really do believe that the funny taste in my mouth is from the DuPont Chemicals!

  12. mediawatch says:

    96. Not bad for a native New Yorker.

  13. 80%.

    Bleep Sussex County!

  14. John Young says:


  15. bamboozer says:

    Got an 80, couldn’t resist some of the alternative answers especially Yoder for the serial killer.

  16. John Manifold says:

    90. Erred on two coastal waterways questions .

  17. 84%–student at UD 79-83, lived in Newark 1990 to the present

  18. Geezer says:

    90. Who gets license plate #3 these days?

  19. Mitch Crane says:

    #3 has gone to the Secretary of State.

  20. 90 – lifelong resident.

  21. Mitch Crane says:

    98%. Got Alpocas wrong. Guessed right on Flounder. Learned a lot in 15 years.

  22. SussexWatcher says:

    96. I don’t eat fish.