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Even Fox News is now laughing at Michelle Bachmann

For those who cannot bear to watch Fox News or hear Bachmann’s voice (I am with you… nails on a chalkboard), here is some quotes from Think Progress:

During an interview with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Cavuto belittled the effort as “an enormous waste of effort” and “a political football,” suggesting that President George W. Bush used similar executive authority.

The segment devolved into a shouting match, with Cavuto laughing off Bachmann’s indignation about Obama’s use of executive powers.
“It just seems to me like an enormous waste of effort,” Cavuto said, at first gently, trying to chide Bachmann and her Tea Party Republican colleagues in Congress to do something, you know, governance-related for the American people. “It just seems to me there’s so much wrong here, this finger-pointing—’We’re gonna drag your ass to court, we’re gonna do this’— just do something, you hear what I’m saying?”

Bachmann: This is what we should do now. What we should do now is defund the executive branch when we have the option—I just ran across the street because we’re voting on funding for the executive branch all summer long. Cut it. Make it hurt. Because if they don’t have money, they don’t have power…

Cavuto: Think about what you’re saying. Defund the executive branch? Congresswoman! If Democrats had said to you, ‘We’re going to defund President Bush,’ you would laugh them out, and so you should have… I think the Democrats are in their right mind to laugh you out now. Defund them?! [shakes head] …Oh man oh man oh man oh man. Rome’s burning and you’re filing!

Defunding? Is Michelle Bachmann aware that the President of the United States has to sign anything that the unified Congress (the House and the Senate) passes before it takes affect as law? Yes, yes, yes, he could veto something and then the Congress can override, but that ain’t happening in this Congress. So let’s say the House somehow passes a Defunding Bill that cancels all money already appropriated to the Executive Branch from last year’s budget act. Does she think the Senate passes it? If she does, she needs a straight jacket. Does she think the President signs it if by some miracle it passes a Democratically controlled Senate?

I really do think all these Teabagger Congressmen and women are just as dumb as rocks. Seriously, I used to think they were evil. And they probably still are. But they are also the most unintelligent pieces of shit ever to walk the halls of our legislative branch. I really do not think Bachmann understands how a bill becomes a law. I really don’t. I know Senator Ted Cruz doesn’t. He demonstrated that with his filibuster thing last year.

More evidence of the combination of evil, childish vindictiveness and lack of brain power is this: House Republicans may have accidentally legalized pot use in DC. LOLz.

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  1. If only ALL Tea Party sore losers were this gracious. One argument against gun control:

  2. bamboozer says:

    Bacmann is in a tight race with Louie Gohmert for Grand High Idiot Of The House, interesting since they are both alleged lawyers. Bachmann’s a joke, but she has been for years and still gets reelected. As noted the famed “lawsuit” is yet another pathetic political ploy and has no chance of success. Makes you kind of yearn for the good ol’ Benghazi days. Or not.

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    Bachmann is actually retiring, thank the heavens.

  4. Geezer says:

    El Som: I regard that news as tragic, as it showed that someone in the Tea Party was capable of feeling regret for his bad behavior.

    Michelle Bachmann is simply another empty-headed “pro-life” creature who crawled out from under her rock when the Tea Party rose from the muck.

  5. Liberal Elite says:

    @G “I regard that news as tragic”

    But life is cheap for Tea Party gun nuts. Their whole philosophy is based on a devaluation of life (and everything that is truly important).

    There’s a reason that there are 18,000 gun suicides each year in the US, and many are people like that guy.

  6. pandora says:

    I thought that was the reason of owning a gun. (Not really being snarky, since the stats bear me out) Owning a gun sure isn’t about home invasions. It’s about killing yourself or a family member. Sad, but true.

  7. Delaware Dem says:

    Geezer, you assume these teabaggers feel human emotions like regret and remorse. I think it is just as likely that this guy did not want to live in a world not ruled by Chris McDaniel. Or maybe he knew that his goose was cooked and he was facing jail time, and like most nuts did not want to be held responsible for his actions.

    Either way, I am not going to mourn him or consider his death tragic. The fact is, the less teabaggers in this world, the better it is for the rest of us human beings.

  8. Liberal Elite says:

    @p “It’s about killing yourself or a family member.”

    yea… about 90% of all gun deaths are family and friends.

  9. I think Geezer was being snarky. I took the suicide to mean that he just couldn’t deal with the fact that he was outmaneuvered by a buncha’ black people. That’s GOTTA sting!

  10. cassandra_m says:

    Mayfield was at Ground Zero in that horrible effort to break into the nursing home where Cochran’s wife is to take pictures of her. That was despicable.

  11. puck says:

    I just watched the Bachmann clip. Nails on a chalkboard is right. I was cheering for that pantsload Cavuto; that’s how bad it was. FYI, Bachmann is actually a lawyer, believe it or not.