Delaware Political Weekly: June 21-27, 2014

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Pour yourself another cuppa coffee. Lotsa political news to sip over.

1. Introducing…Carl Smink!

Yes, Chris Coons has a Republican challenger. His name is Carl Smink. Here”s what I know. He”s filed, but hasn”t announced.  He”s from Milton. His website is under construction.  He has written a few op-eds, or maybe letters to the editor, for the Cape Gazette, none of which are readily available unless you”re a subscriber. He IS, however,  a “Drill, Baby, Drill” kinda guy. From what appears to be a right-wing blog from Somewhere in Pennsylvania, or possibly, Anytown, USA:

It is difficult to understand why there is talk of a “Fiscal cliff” facing this nation when we are in the middle of a natural gas boom and oil boom. Here we are, sitting on vast proven reserves of both of these energy resources, the total of which is many times the Saudi reserves and the Chavez confiscation in Valenzuela combined; but the development of these resources in the United States is currently blocked by the unwillingness of our government officials (it’s not our government) to grant the permits for drilling and infrastructure construction. (What better proof of sabotaging the economy.)

It is time to get off the dime! The punishment of Americans for their industry, wealth, and prosperity to appease socialists’ envy must cease. The over-concern with tax cuts, tax credits, and sequesters must cease. We need to get down to the actions needed to effect real economic benefits. In short, stop the hand-wringing and get the permits out!

Sale of the permits will provide an immediate infusion of cash into the U.S. Treasury. Drilling, infrastructure construction production operations will provide long-term jobs for Americans whom have been out of work for years. The market for the oil and gas exists. There is no rational reason why this economic engine should be impeded or stopped. (Carl Smink – Delaware)

Here”s what I don”t know: Anything else. Help fill in casino online the blanks, pipples. Oh, and Run, Jason, Run!

2. Two Incumbent R State Reps Facing Primaries.

This isn”t something you see every day. Two Kent County state reps may not even make it to November, and I must say I”m surprised. Both Harold Peterman (33rd RD) and Don Blakey (34th RD) are being challenged. Peterman”s opponent is Charles Postles, who appears to be the chair of…the 33rd Republican RD Committee.

Blakey”s challenger is Lyndon Yearick,  who doesn”t fit a Tea Party profile, at least not on the surface. Active in the United Way, mentoring programs,  and also the Chair of the 34th RD, Yearick looks like the kind of candidate R”s looking to restore credibility to their Party would seek out. He”s currently the Maryland/Delaware Campus Director for Kaplan Test Prep. He has an MBA from Penn State (OK, now that”s a cult).  By far, one of the more  interesting candidate profiles I”ve come across.

My question is this: Why would two RD chairs primary sitting state legslators? Usually, the legislators themselves have a huge say in who the RD chair is. Is it possible that Peterman and/or Blakey are retiring even though they”ve filed? One would think so. C”mon Kent County, help me out here.

3. John Marino Challenges Bethany Hall-Long.

As the Cathcart-endorsed candidate, Marino almost defeated Becky Walker in the 2010 battle for Cathcart”s 9th RD seat. You know, after Cathcart “retired” so that he could take his golden parachute gig in Delaware City. Contributor Emeritus Liberal Geek gave us some gory details of that race back in 2010. Walker edged Marino, 5583-5301, that year. Which explains why Marino was drawn out of the 9th RD during redistricting.  He”s now challenging Sen. Bethany Hall-Long in the 10th SD(PDF).  The district is in SW New Castle County, and runs from just south of Newark to Middletown. For nostalgia”s sake, here”s a 2010 sales pitch for Marino from “Delaware Republican” and one Jason O”Neill.  I think this may be my favorite sentence from this piece:

During his tenure, J0hn Marino’s leadership with the hosting the Comedy Cabaret secured another election victory for Representative Dick Cathcart.

Damn that Comedy Cabaret! And John Marino”s hosting leadership!

Did I mention that Marino is yet another retired cop? Only, this time we”re talking NYC, not Gooberville.

4. Ed Wilberg, Sr. Challenges Earl Jaques in the 27th RD.

I know that he (or his son”s) a REMAX Agent and has written some letters to the editor. And that he (and/or his son) hates Obamacare:

We have today the ongoing results of legislation written in “secret,” contents remaining “secret” until passed by the Democrat Party, which had complete control of the government with every single Republican voting against this “secret” legislation known today as the Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court avoided getting involved in this legislative process dealing with “secret” legislation by just ruling that “Congress can tax” in their decision.

Of course the president denied that the act contained taxes, which he knew it contained. The Democratic Party”s “regressive” policies are producing no economic growth and placing the citizens back unfortunately into another form of “social, economic, political servitude” today being aided by the news media. Can we expect more onerous “secret” legislation in the future I wonder?

Ed Wilberg


Who can flesh out his profile? Not much on line.

5.  Filings: State Rep. Steve Smyk (R-RD 20); Rep. Lumpy Carson (D-Gooberville); Rep. Andria Bennett (D-RD 32); Commissioner Brad Eaby (D-Kent County-District 2); Commissioner Eric Buckson (R-Kent County-District 4); Register of Wills Cynthia Green (R-Sussex County) (BTW, at least one Bodenweiser is gainfully employed); and Recorder of Deeds Scott Dailey (R-Sussex County).

That”s all I”ve got (isn”t this enough?). What”d I miss, and whaddayathink?

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    I’m officially rolling my eyes at Carl Smink until he demonstrates he has a clue about how carbon-based energy markets work.

    I’m officially rolling my eyes at Ed Wilberg, Sr, until he demonstrates he’s figured out how Google works.

  2. Behind every (not so) great man, there’s a woman, rolling her eyes.

  3. NewGuy says:

    Cant wait to see Smink’s website. Mindblowing who the GOP picks to run in Delaware. Does anyone actually think Smink or Marino have a shot at winning? I think the 27th could be closer than most think.

  4. Don’t think the R’s chose Smink. Smink chose Smink.

    I think Marino has a better chance than Wilberg, but not really much of a chance.

    Wilberg seems like a crackpot.

  5. Mitch Crane says:

    Mr. Smink lives in Overbrook Shores, which carries a Milton post office address, but is not IN Milton. He is a graduated of Lafayette College (class of 1954) in Easton, PA. He is 81 years of age. He lives with his wife, Yen Smink, who is 74. They moved to Delaware in 2010. He registered as a Republican on 2/1/2010. His wife is registered “no party” and did so on June 25, 2010.

  6. Wow, just…wow. At 81, he’d be older than at least half of the United States Senators.

  7. Mitch Crane says:

    The median age of US Senators is 63. The median age upon taking office is 50

    4 US Senators are in their 80’s; 20 in their 70’s; 36 in their 60’s; 29 in their 50’s and 11 in their 40’s.

  8. Republican David says:

    It nice to have a couple of warm bodies at the top of ticket. We have 4 people who never held office and are not well known though the AG and Treasurer candidates are credible.

    No, the GOP didn’t choose either the U. S. Senate or House Candidates. There is nothing wrong or right about that. The GOP decided to do away with primary endorsements at the statewide level. I think it was a bad choice. Now we see no one wants to file for statewide offices early because they can’t get any party backing and out of state donors won’t support someone who doesn’t either have some sort of demonstrated support within the party or have outside groups. It is was well intentioned and maybe when people get used to the new system, it will work.

  9. SussexWatcher says:

    You mean the nonexistent GOP House candidate?