Saturday Daily Delawhere [6.14.14]

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  1. rustydils says:

    Hillary Clinton will NOT run for president in 2016. (Factoring in that this prediction comes from the man who promised that Mitt Romney would win the presidency.)

    Anyway, I have been completely up in the air on this until the last week or two. A couple of years ago Hillary said she would never run for public office again. But, in the last 6 months or so, together with all the media hype, and her popularity among liberals, she has decided to “leave the door open” on whether or not she would run in 2016. So I figured I would just watch and see over the next year or so and see what happens. I felt that even if she did become the nominee, that she would not win. But I was still interested to see if she would pursue the nomination. However, her strange comments (strange for someone who is really contemplating another presidential run) over the last couple of weeks have changed my mind. The light went on just in the last few days. What I had expected her to start doing around now, was to start distancing herself from Barack Obama. (Because all conservatives like me hate Barack Obama’s guts, and now even many liberals don’t like the way he is releasing 36,000 illegal immigrant convicted felons into the general population. Also, now he releases 5 terrorist, who have helped plot and kill Americans back to their homeland to start doing more damage.) I was sure Hillary would use these horrifying moves by the President to start condemning him for these actions. But, no, she just supports these actions with no qualifications what so every. That is when I figured it out, the only reason she would do that is that she has already made up her mind she is not running. So you ask, what is she doing out in the public light so much then. Well, the same thing Sarah Pallin and Al Gore did. Once Sarah Pallin resigned as Governor of Alaska, she was able to make millions. And, look what Al Gore did, by pretending he actually cared about climate change and global warming, he was able to trick millions of liberals into panicking about all this, and, he parlayed that panic into a personal fortune estimated to be over 250 million dollars. That is what Hillary, (and Bill) are doing. Hillary is using her popularity to write a book, and give many speeches to generate a great deal of wealth. I would estimate that over that next 10 months, (which is about how long she has before she breaks that bad news that she is not running) she can create 20 or 30 million dollars in wealth. Not to shabby, Remember next may when the devastating announcement comes that you heard it here first, June 14th, 2014