this picture proves nothing….

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Dem Leadership

…For one thing you can’t see the anvil Pete has Valerie standing under, or the TNT Valerie has slipped into Pete’s back pocket.

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Jason330 is a deep cover double agent working for the GOP. Don't tell anybody.

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  1. Aint's Taking it Any More says:

    Good laugh to start the day! Thanks.

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    Hahahaha. Meanwhile, Mitch has poisoned both of their drinks. Just kidding. LOL.

  3. Mitch Crane says:

    Proof they are still a team: He poisoned MY drink while she ran her nails down my back! Look at my face swelling and my eyes closing. I don’t how how I made it out of there. I am thankful that the next Sussex County Sheriff, Beau Gooch, got me home in his unmarked car.

  4. Old Sussex County Native says:

    Speaking of the SSCo. Sheriff — he’s busy busy busy campaigning, and talking up his revisionist version of history in the the churches, been published in the High Tide thingy the church folks read down here. People are believing him too, because no strong voice is out there with the truth and debunking him… What’s happening on our side? How can a D Sheriff be elected on a low key campaign, dare I say silent and so low profile of a campaign — no one knows who that candidate is? I fear we are going to have 4 more years of Sheriff Christopher, by inaction our our side…

  5. Atticus says:

    Our district is getting a little sick of our rep being photographed in bars throughout the state. And our delegation being refereed to as the ‘blonde brigade’.

    But the comments here are priceless. Thanks.

  6. Aoine says:

    not a bar Atticus…. do keep up