Downstate GOPers attempt to distance themselves from racist DEGOP

Filed in National by on May 25, 2014

Sam Wilson and Vance Phillips don’t like black people – but Ernie Lopez is pretty cool with black people and the NAACP. It is simplistic, but I don’t make the rules. ….ROMANS !!!

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    When I first heard of this new bit of bullshit from these Sussex fools, I thought about how incredibly well Lee Atwater’s Southern Strategy still works within the GOP. It just never gets old and it always works to fan the flames of old white people resentment. Wilson and Phillips knew exactly what they were doing when they started that foolishness — that the people whose support they still need in Sussex County would respond like Pavlov’s Dog to it.

  2. The good ol’ boys of western Sussex are like rural white willful ignorami everywhere.

    They’d be equally at home anywhere in the south where ‘the blacks know their place’.

  3. Rhonda Tuman says:

    I have lived in Georgetown for more than 30 years and have encountered anti semitism and gender discrimination often from the likes of Sam Wilson and Vance Phillips types. In instances when the accompanying action to the verbal abuse was a violation of a legal law, then I took action. Otherwise I have taken the higher ground and had little to do with bad people, bigots and racists.

    The problem with bigots and racists is that they are crafty-haters who disrespect and fear the things and people they do not know and or understand. Their right to spew hate and demonstrate their ignorance with every word that comes out of their mouths is protected by law. While we abhor the vile they spew and the way they raise their families, the next generation of bigots and racists, good people have only one sensible way of fighting back — not giving them an audience. As much as we would like to lash out, we must take the higher ground and treat them as we would any dog who misbehaves, turn our backs and walk away. We must remain vigilant and prosecute when their words escalate to an actionable offense.

    The Sussex County Council needs to demonstrate to all the citizens of Sussex County and the rest of the world that is watching, that officially the Council does not support Councilmen Wilson and Phillips by creating a Code of Ethics. A Code of Ethics that does not support hate speech spewed by its members. A Code that would publicly admonish violators.

    Until such a code is created, voters have the responsibility to make the correction at the polls. Good people work the system and elect people that reflect their views. While Georgetown voters won’t have an opportunity any time soon to to show Sam Wilson that his views and vulgarity are reflective of Councilman Wilson only; District Five voters have the power and the opportunity to oust Councilman Phillips from his County Council seat in November.

    While he may represent a conservative district, conservative by any standard other than that which Phillips and Wilson prescribe to, does not mean the district is reflective of bigots and racists. This election would be an excellent time for District 5 residents to prove that they are good people who respect all people and want to be represented by a good person.

  4. kavips says:

    With a majority of Dems in the General Assembly, we have more than enough votes to change, create, invent and pass legislation for the sole reason to have Sam Wilson and Vance Phillips whipped at a whipping post….

    Therefore, if anything is not done by the General Assembly, (public censure, withholding funds, etc.) it shows only that they too are complicit in this general feeling that colored people are apparently nothing but inferior beings.

  5. Rhonda H Tuman says:

    Speech is not a punishable offense through legislative action. The voters wield the heaviest hammer in this situation. The county council could censure Wilson and Phillips to make a statement that would isolate their peers. That would be a bipartisan approach rarely seen, if ever on the council.

  6. Dave says:

    “With a majority of Dems in the General Assembly, we have more than enough votes to change, create, invent and pass legislation ”

    Then since the counties exist by the will of the state, the GA, I suggest the GA divide Sussex into Eastern and Western Sussex and let those in Western Sussex reap what they sow.

  7. Sandy Pants says:

    “since the counties exist by the will of the state”

    I reckon you haven’t talked with a Constitutional Sheriff lately…

  8. New In Town says:

    With respect to Rhonda Tuman (“While we abhor the vile they spew and the way they raise their families, the next generation of bigots and racists, good people have only one sensible way of fighting back — not giving them an audience”), we have a greater responsibility, which is to confront this vileness whenever it shows up.

    I’m no fan of the way Ms. Deaver responded to Phillips and Wilson — it was way over the top — but she has the right idea. Call ’em out for what they are.

    Note the wide-spread revulsion that has been voiced by the media (vast left-wing conspiracy that it is) as well as by many individuals who just can’t fathom how their beloved Sussex is being called the names it’s being called because of these two.

    Cassandra_m sees it for what it is — a re-election ploy that rev up their base. Sad as it appears, there is that base that can be revved up. What say you, the rest of Phillips’ district?

  9. Dave says:

    “I reckon you haven’t talked with a Constitutional Sheriff lately…”

    That would be correct cause if wanted guidance on the Delaware Constitution, I’d probably have sense enough to get it from someone who actually knows instead of a wanna be from Maryland (which I thought he was moving back to when he left “this God forsaken place.”

    I’m really sort of serious about the Western and Eastern Sussex thing. I’m guessing that many people in Eastern Sussex would feel the same, especially since most of us never go any further west than Georgetown and that’s only to get to the DMV or BJ’s, maybe Johnny Janosik.

  10. pandora says:

    Um… I’m not so convinced about this Eastern and Western Sussex thing. Sure, Eastern Sussex looks good compared to Western Sussex, but to the rest of us there’s not much difference. I summer (every summer since the late 70’s) in Eastern Sussex and am appalled by the casual racism and sexism that exists. Seriously, Eastern Sussex, comparing yourself to Western Sussex is a really low bar.

    (Yes, yes… not everyone, but a really big percentage.)

  11. MikeM2784 says:

    Instead of considering this fantasy of dividing Sussex County, perhaps we should look at the changing demographics and look at how to encourage these people to vote, particularly as the old, racist rednecks die off and immigrants move in. Eventually, their children, mostly citizens, can vote and they can as well if there is a legal path to citizenship for them. There are also large pockets of minorities in place like Seaford and Laurel, many of whom do not currently vote. How much effort is the Democratic Party putting into turning these districts and supporting “long shot” candidates?

  12. Jason330 says:

    From my perspective, the Dems are putting in some serious effort. The first step is viewing all races as “in play” and I think Mitch Crane has set that vibe. As far has Spanish language outreach (door knocking, radio spots, voter guides, town halls, etc.) is concerned, I can’t speak to that – but it seems like a very good idea.

  13. MikeM2784 says:

    I applaud Mitch’s efforts; he has been a vast improvement to what was previously adrift. I still feel like the eastern half of the county is the focus (and perhaps it should be given limited resources); however, the west (and central) is an area of potential change / growth. At least make the Republicans spend money to win down there so that they have fewer resources elsewhere….

  14. Jason330 says:

    It is funny to talk about East, Central and West when the total distance from one side to the other is a very manageable 30 miles.

  15. Aoine says:

    152-250 years – they still think its the antebellum South in Western Sussex

    I’m waiting for a Cliven Bundy issue any day now – or for a Sheriffs Posse (yes, it still exists) member to do something rash…

    Meanwhile in Eastern Sussex – “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot”

    waddaya gonna do???

  16. waterpirate says:

    There is intelligent life down here, on both sides of the County. The behaviour of some of our sitting fixtures is truly offensive and embarrassing. They will be held accountable this cycle. Term limits for our local politico’s would solve alot of our woes. Govt. needs to be fluid and evolve with the times and its citizens. NOT stuck in 1950, with a couple of slick ignoramices.

  17. MikeM2784 says:

    Prediction: Sam Wilson will easily win reelection. There may be intelligent life, but it is a minority in some places and doesn’t vote in others. There is a HUGE difference between the eastern coastal areas with lots of transplants from more liberal areas and the “old south” attitude that exists in the central and western parts of the county. 30 miles is indeed 200 years….

  18. SussexWatcher says:

    Sam Wilson is not up for re-election until 2016, as anyone knowledgeable knows. It’s Vance who’s up this year, and he’s going to lose big in either the primary or the general. The lawsuit allegations, combined with the number of people he’s pissed off over the years, combine to make a formidable challenge.

    In 2016, Sam will probably not run again, given his health problems and age. Look for Cindy Green, current register of wills, to step up for his seat.

    “ignoramices” … seriously, are you *trying* to hurt your cause by being a moron?

    Mitch has done a lot for the Sussex Dems, but there are still some Rs running unopposed (Short, Dukes, Kenton, Gray). No one has stepped up as promised to run for the sheriff’s job, which is perhaps the easiest pick-off of the year if Christopher gets past the primary. So color me still skeptical about a forthcoming Democratic resurgence. Everyone ought to have a challenger, even if the RD chairs have to go on the ballot as sacrificial lambs. (What else are they there for if not to find candidates?)

  19. Mitch Crane says:

    Sussex County does have a Democratic candidate for Sheriff. Former Lewes police chief Ronald Beau Gooch is announcing tomorrow. He has spent the last few weeks setting up his campaign.

    The announcement is at 5pm tomorrow at Irish Eyes in Lewes.

    As to the representative districts where Republican incumbents remain unchallenged, July 9th is the FILING deadline. Political parties may then nominate candidates.

    As to all the posts about Western Sussex, people should know that in the worst of elections, 35%-40% of the voters choose the Democrat. This can be built upon.

  20. waterpirate says:

    I am not trying to start a war here…. but seriously, given the choice between Gooch, Christopher, and a ham sandwich, I would vote ham sandwich every day of the week.
    Just putting up a candidate is not enough, R or D or other.
    P.S. that spelling passed the checker here, good enoug for me. Thoughts and reasoning are my strong suit, not spelling. I love the spell check here!