Bulo’s Fave New Tunes: April, 2014

Filed in Arts and Entertainment by on May 22, 2014

Quality over quantity this month, admittedly a little late:

Ought: ‘Habit’


The Boston Boys: ‘Become Like One’


Rosanne Cash: ‘Modern Blue’


Eels: ‘Mistakes of My Youth’


Stone Cold Fox: ‘Darling, Darling’


BTW, I got some more great stuff already lined up for the May edition…enjoy!



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  1. cassandra_m says:

    For you, El Som!

    The Suffers, Gwan

    Dare you not to dance….

  2. Wow! Checking ’em out to see if/when they’re touring. Seems kinda tough economically to tour with about 20 horn players, though…

    Consider that song officially added to the April Fave Tunes list.

  3. OK. They’re from Houston, and they’ve built a big regional following:


    They are now officially on my radar.