Tuesday Daily Elsewhere [5.6.14]

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Alright. I think we have posted every picture taken of Delaware, ever. So we are going to take a break from our Daily Delawhere picture and start a new series called the “Daily Elsewhere picture” for a few weeks. I have taken lots of pictures over the years in various different locales, as my real world job allowed me to travel to places that I probably would have never gone to voluntarily. I will not give you any hints as to where the picture was taken. You have to guess. Some will be easy. Some will be hard.

Here is your first one:

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  1. Alan Matas says:

    Air Force Academy Stadium – Colorado Springs

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    Winner. Or you could be even more specific: “Traveling northbound on I-25 looking due west at the Rockies and Falcon Stadium in Colorado Springs, CO.” LOL.

  3. Alan Matas says:

    I didn’t want to show off.