The Secret Plan for Gordon to be Governor in 2016…. as a Republican.

Filed in Delaware by on May 5, 2014

Remember the Peaceful Rioters of Wilmington (PCW)? A few months back I first heard of them because Attorney General Beau Biden wanted to unmask the anonymous posters behind the group’s Facebook page. The ACLU of Delaware stepped up to represent the PRW and sought to quash the subpoena. PCW’s Facebook page went silent since February 1 for unknown reasons. But now they are back with this nugget below.

Councilman Michael Brown Takes Tip From the Peaceful Rioters

A Peaceful Rioters operative recently mediated a conference call between Wilmington Councilman Michael Brown, Republican State Committee Chairman Charlie Copeland, and a member (to be named later) of NCCo. County Executive Tom Gordon’s Administration. Councilman M. Brown and PRW have discussed the consolidation of the Wilmington Department of Police and the New Castle County Police Department since late 2013. Initially, Councilman M. Brown was reluctant, but more recently the Republican’s stance strengthened after pressure from Republican State Committee Chairman Charlie Copeland. Copeland reportedly explained the Republican plans to regain influence in the city; including holding no less than two Wilmington City Council seats after the 2016 election cycle. Councilman M. Brown was warned the At-Large seat he holds would be filled with a conservative candidate if he did not support “the transformation of WPD to New Castle County Metro Division.”

The GOP and Tom Gordon have been negotiating since Beau’s decision to run for Governor. Gordon, a former registered Republican with gubernatorial aspirations since regaining the County Executive’s seat fears he cannot defeat Beau in a primary election. Instead, Gordon plans to square with Beau in the 2016 General Election in order to become the 1st State’s most successful member of the GOP since Mike Castle. Gordon’s campaign will start with the absorption of WPD into his county’s police department. According to a source close to Gordon, “this is meant to show those in Slower Lower (DE) that Gordon is not only fiscally conservative but will also stand up to the Democratic Party’s status quo.”

Bottom line, WPD is in charge of 320 of members. In the opinion of many of Wilmington’s residents that is more than enough to adequately police Wilmington, DE. Three hundred twenty, residents of Wilmington(3-2-0)! If 320 officers cannot keep Wilmington under control who is to blame? Mayor Williams??? CE Gordon??? AG Beau??? ALL 3 and More???

Now, Gordon used to be a registered Republican back in 2002 at some point in the past, but according to El Som, he was a nominal Republican. But that goes back to before my political memory. Anyway, I would not be surprised if this is what ultimately happens, but with one wrinkle. You see, the PRW envisions a general election showdown between Biden and Gordon. I kinda doubt that will happen. The Bidens and Gordon are political allies and are close. No, I envision this happening if Biden bows out of the governor’s race but Denn gets in. I don’t think Gordon can beat Denn in a Democratic primary. But in the general, he might be able to.

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  1. Geezer says:

    Gordon was in office as a Democrat in 2002.

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    You’re right. Maybe I am thinking back to 1992 or something. In any event, at one point he was a registered Republican, correct? Even if he was just a nominal one?

  3. Geezer says:

    I know he was wooed by the Republicans before entering electoral politics; I don’t know what his registration was while he was on the police force.

  4. mediawatch says:

    I’m not sure either about his registration … but Gordon cut his teeth in local politics through the Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred (and its influential zoning committee)– which was long the launching pad for moderate Republicans, including Phil Cloutier and Bob Weiner. Back in the day, you couldn’t get elected in Brandywine Hundred unless you were a registered Republican. By the time Gordon rose through the NCCPD ranks and ran for county exec, he was living in the Hockessin area and registrations in NCCo had begun their shift toward Democratic primacy.

  5. Calvin Sparks says:

    Tom Gordon as governor, I hope I never see the day.

  6. PRW lie. All the time.

  7. capesdelaware says:

    Sorry guys, Hard to take GORDON talk as serious. Whenever I see his picture I just want to draw little devil horns on top of his head and a pointed tail coming out of his back. This guy is PURE evil .Does he have a heart ? Maybe I missed too much since I moved to lower,slower Delaware . Has he ever done a kind act in his ENTIRE life ? Has he ever been below Dover ?

  8. Tom Kline says:

    Tom is no different then any Dem in this state aside from the fact he got caught.

  9. Geezer says:

    On the other hand, he at least knows how to spell most of the words he uses, unlike Mr. Kline.

  10. RedRox says:

    The Gordon trolls are taking the hypothetical poll very seriously….him as governor is pure fantasy.