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This graphic and poll results are amazing.

I think we can safely say that racists became more vocal and proud of their racism upon the election of a black President, which is something that most observers, myself included, did not see happening. And that is because their racism could now be legitimatized as partisan opposition.

The Washington Post says that wealthy liberal donors are joining the fight:.

“A group of wealthy liberal donors who helped bankroll the Center for American Progress and other major advocacy groups on the left is developing a new big-money strategy that could boost state-level Democratic candidates and mobilize core party voters. […] The plan… seeks to give Democrats a stronger hand in the redrawing of district lines for state legislatures and the U.S. House. The effort reflects a sense among many top donors on the left that Democrats missed opportunities in 2010 to shape the redistricting process and contain the tea party wave that helped propel Republican victories around the country.”

About time on two fronts. First, I never understood the liberal inclination to unilaterally disarm on the campaign finance front. If it is legal, do it, so we can fight the GOP. After we win, and control everything, then we can change the rules. Second, it is long past time we concentrated on state legislatures. The Republicans and ALEC have had a grand ole time the last four years passing every radical conservative idea in the book on the state level.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds that “Americans in large numbers want the U.S. to reduce its role in world affairs even as a showdown with Russia over Ukraine preoccupies Washington.” This goes against what we see in the media and what is espoused by pundits. According to them, President Obama should have wrestled Putin and a Siberian Bear to death on live TV by now, and defeated Russia, all the while without provoking a thermo nuclear holocaust that would surely result from any war with Russia. And last week, when the 250 girls in Nigeria were kidnapped, the first question asked by Erin Burnett on CNN was “Why isn’t the US doing anything?”

My view: I am sorry for those girls, but I am not spending untold billions and the lives of untold American soldiers to solve every single problem on this planet. And it seems the majority of the American public agrees with me. And it is far past time our faux-macho punditry, like Wolf Blitzer and Chris Matthews and everyone at Fox, stop acting that every problem is America’s to solve, and failure to do so is a failure of leadership. F*ck that.

“In a marked change from past decades, nearly half of those surveyed want the U.S. to be less active on the global stage, with fewer than one-fifth calling for more active engagement–an anti-interventionist current that sweeps across party lines.”

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  1. Andy says:

    Thank you. I wholeheartedly agree we can no longer be the world’s cop. We spend far too much of our tax dollars doing this. Its time for the rest of the world to step up