Charlie Copeland’s (Long Term) Plan to Return the DEGOP to Civility and Sanity

Filed in Delaware by on May 3, 2014

It has taken some time for Copeland’s plan to emerge, but with each passing day the contours of his plan to rebuild the DEGOP as an actual political party capable of mounting statewide races comes into focus.

Part 1: Don’t run real candidates in races that the DEGOP is sure to lose. Why waste the resources or the goodwill? That means giving Chris Coons, John Carney and Matt Denn free passes. Allow the remnants of the teabags to blow off whatever little steam they have left under the banner of modern Republicanism, but don’t give them any money or any Vicmead parking passes.

Part 2: Run cheaper, Simpler down ticket campaigns, that have a shot. That means Ken Simpler vs Sean Barney or Chip Flowers. Simpler has a punchers chance against Flowers with all his baggage. So he is probably pulling for that outcome. If Barney takes out Flowers, it will be a visibility building year for Mr. Simpler. It also means not investing a lot in Tom Wagner (who will may even pull the rip cord on his golden parachute rather than have to face (probably) Mayrack).

Part 3: Patience. There is no way to rebuild the DEGOP brand while the DC Republicans keep working overtime to smear the brand with dog shit. Based on how he acquired his millions, Copeland has the luxury of a multigenerational perspective. He can keep paying the rent and keep the lights on while he avoids big mistakes and hopes for Mike Castle to come back into style.

Who knows? If the teabags finally get their “REAL CONSERVATIVE” Presidential nominee, they can finally have the all or nothing apocalyptic battle they’ve been longing for. Copeland will be ready to pick through the splinters and start rebuilding the sober, business oriented republican party that his father ( a pro-family planning, pro-rational thought, and anti-nonsense Republican) could be proud of.


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  1. puck says:

    Copeland will be ready to pick through the splinters and start rebuilding the sober, business oriented republican party

    Ha ha. You had me going there for a minute.

    Copeland’s more immediate concern is making sure his charter school venture in Wilmington doesn’t fall flat. Charlie is on the board of the Community Education Building, that building donated by Bank of America, that will eventually be landlord to four charter schools. He is invested in it in a big way, not so much financially but in terms of reputation. Problem is, the schools aren’t filling up with enrollment, and one is even on DOE warning status for low enrollment before they even open their doors. Turns out that you can’t just yell charter and parents will come running. Failing to fill that building will be a major embarrassment and a dent in Charlie’s ideology and by extension, DE Republican ideology.

  2. Aint's Takingit Any More says:

    What is your source for all of this? Thanks.

  3. Jazon330 says:

    I had no idea copeland was so tied up in fluffing charters. It does explain a little of why he is MIA on everything else.

  4. Old Sussex County Native says:

    I never though things taught to me as a little child would be so applicable in ways never imagined. It is strangely fitting that the old nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” could be seen as a teaching lesson preparing us for today’s Republican Party in Delaware. And as “all the King’s horses, and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again” — I don’t see poor Mr. Copeland putting the Republican Party back together either. It just seems to me the O’Donnell disaster/Sheriff Christopher fiasco and self destructive R’s attacking one another are too much “a great fall.”

  5. Jazon330 says:

    The dems could eventually nominate Tom Gordon for a statewide race. That would breathe life into the DEGOP.

  6. bamboozer says:

    The farther you go south in Delaware the more Delaware’s GOP resembles the howlers in Washington, if Copeland is to return the party to competitive form the only cure is the same one needed by the nation as a whole. Time must pass and the crazies pass on to that great Benghazi in the sky, there’s no fixing the party while the base consists of racist, homophobic slogan screamers. To wit: the State News opinion or letters section, read it if you dare. Then have fun shaking your head in disbelief.