Delaware Political Weekly: April 26-May 2, 2014

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1. Actor to Play Politician–Again.

This should be fun. Lee Murphy, absent from the Delaware political scene for far too long, has resurfaced. He’s moved out of Wilmington, he now lives in the Penny Hill area, and he’s challenging incumbent D Debra Heffernan in the 6th RD.  Republican Murphy provided comedic relief in two runs against Harris McDowell back in the early aughts. He was perhaps best known for hanging around Trolley Square. He has since tried to eke out a living as an ac-tor. And, as a model, hand model (no mention of what was in his hand, but, I digress), and numbers among his ‘special skills‘: ‘All Sports’ and ‘Driving Stick Shift’.  Here’s one resume you’ve just got to see. (Memo to Lee: You just might want to align the stage roles you’ve portrayed with the shows that you appeared in. You’re welcome.)

But, folks, we’ve only scratched the surface of this man’s oeuvre.  I beg you, beg you, to check out his on-camera work from his very own website.  You owe it to  yourself to scope out his talents. Please click on everything you possibly can. You. Will. Thank. Me.  For eight years, we had (a real) actor playing the president. Murphy is skilled at playing a losing candidate for office, perhaps, in fact, his greatest skill, and he will once again play his part to comedic perfection in 2014.

2. I Don’t Think Tom Wagner’s Running.

No inside info although he hasn’t yet filed. But I went to his campaign site, and it doesn’t look like it’s been updated in years. Don’t believe me? Click on ‘In the News’. Latest update? 2009. Click on the photos. Latest update? 2009.  I kid you not. The site’s highlight is a photo of a seemingly disinterested Wagner ‘being briefed on a recent special investigation’.  There is no one else in the picture. Perhaps the Robo-Auditor provided the briefing. As to his future plans? I believe that his old pal Dick Cathcart has an underwater fort with Wagner’s name on it.  Well, the name’s DuPont, but I hear that they’re exiting the underwater fort business. Oh, almost forgot, for those of you new to the site and/or unaware of who or what Tom Wagner is, he is our State Auditor. He does nothing.

3. Filings.

Disappointing State Rep. Stephanie Bolden (D-2nd RD); Libertarian Gordon Gene Smith (30th RD). BTW, probably means nothing, but you will recall that, at one time, State Rep. Bobby Outten (R-30th RD) had apparently identified D candidate Jonathan Gallo as his likely successor back when Gallo was a registered R. Outten has not yet filed.  Probably means nothing, but that’s all I got.

What’d I miss?




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  1. New here and in Stephanie Bolden’s district; tell me about disappointment. Would appreciate any specifics.

  2. SussexAnon says:

    “I haven’t (circle all that apply)
    a) updated my site
    b) staffed my office with accountants
    c) audited anyone
    d) found any missing monies
    e) done my job
    because the Governor cut my budget and staff.”

    Problem. Solved.

  3. Atticus says:

    Wagner going business partners with Cathcart for something in Fort DuPont?

    FYI Cathcart is also now business partners with two members of the Delaware City Council in a new bar called “Buster Nutts”.

    And Cathcart is supposed to be the code enforcer for Delaware City.

    Guess he missed that dumpster full of asbestos that was illegally removed from his new bar.

    Which is odd, considering that he spends about half his work-day at his new bar instead of at City Hall.

  4. Walt says:

    “What did I miss”? How about Beau Biden hiring child molesters in the Attorney General’s office. And that creep wants to be Governor.

  5. Calvin Sparks says:


    I was at Old Dover Days this past Saturday and Tom Wagner was there and he looked great. He walked in the parade and went around shaking hands and chatted it up. I am vice chair of the 15th/29th Democratic club, we had a table Tom Wagner stopped by and he
    chatted with us. He even cracked a joke on Rep Jeffrey Spiegelman. Spiegelman dressed like a Civil war era soldier, and he told him that his attire was 80 years off. I don’t know if he is running, but he sure acted like it.

  6. jason330 says:

    Golden Parachute, or run?
    Golden Parachute, or run?


  7. true facts says:

    @ ATTICUS… Get your facts straight . Cathcart is NOT in business with 2 council people. Which even if he is that is not illegal. New Castle County is the code enforcement agency and have issued all permits and inspections on the business you are referring to. All permits have been posted . STOP YOUR LIES !

  8. True Facts: This is the second time you have tried to out someone. That is against DL policy.

    Try it again and you won’t be moderated, you’ll be banned. Is intimidation the only trick you’ve got? If so, don’t come back. You’re pretty much proving the point that the people involved in this project don’t want any sunlight to filter in to what’s going on.

    They’re just trying to tear down anyone who dares get in their way.