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“I think we got off that track when we allowed our government to become a secular government, when we stopped realizing that God created this nation, that He wrote the constitution, that’s based on biblical principles.” — Former Rep.Tom DeLay (R-TX), in an interview on Global Evangelical Television. The sound you hear is our Founding Fathers, and most notably Thomas Jefferson, rolling over in their graves.

Robert Shrum:

“Handicappers in the presidential race abhor the opposite of a vacuum–a campaign two years out where one candidate seems to blot out the entire field. Thus a mini-chorus now rises, and may swell, questioning Hillary Clinton’s apparent lock on the 2016 Democratic nomination. It’s a predictable reflex, but in cold, hard reality, logic suggests that the lock is authentic, not just apparent. And in modern history, or virtually all American history, Hillary’s inevitability is unprecedented for a non-incumbent.”

Progressives may chaff at this, but as Markos Moulitsas says: “There is no alternative to Hillary this cycle.” No, not Elizabeth Warren. Not Howard Dean. Not Al Gore. Not anyone. The key for progressives is to make the Democratic Party as progressive as possible. No centrists. No Third Wayers. Once Hillary Clinton is President, she will dance with whatever kind of party she has.

“Once a child does exist in your womb, I’m not going to assume a right to kill it just because the child’s host (some refer to them as mothers) doesn’t want it.” — Virginia State Sen. Steve Martin (R), quoted by Slate. And that’s how Republicans view women. As receptacles and hosts. Not as humans and mothers.

“There are several possible explanations for why Republicans would not denounce Nugent and his statement in unqualified terms. One is that they aren’t all that offended by what Nugent said. A second is Nugent is on their “team” and therefore needs to be treated with kid gloves. A third explanation is that they fear that in denouncing Nugent they will upset elements of the GOP base. Any of these explanations is an indictment,” – Pete Wehner, Commentary.

IRONY ALERT: A new Gallup poll finds that 47% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Mitt Romney. Man, that number is going to stick to him for the rest of his days.

TEXAS–U.S. SENATE–REPUBLICAN PRIMARY–University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll: Sen. John Cornyn (R) 62, Rep. Steve Stockman (R) 16.

GEORGIA–U.S. SENATE–REPUBLICAN PRIMARY–Hicks Evaluation Group/Apache Political Communications poll: David Perdue (R) 13, Rep. Jack Kingston (R) 11, Rep. Paul Broun (R) 11, Rep. Phil Gingrey (R) 10, Karen Handel (R) 10.

NEW JERSEY–GOVERNOR APPROVAL RATING–Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press poll: Gov. Christie’s approval rating has fallen 20 points to 49% since the Bridgegate scandal. 50% think Christie was personally involved in the scheme to close lanes to the George Washington Bridge, and 61% think Christie isn’t being honest about the story. 45% gave the governor an above-average grade on the Sandy recovery – a big drop from five months ago when 72% ranked the governor above average on the recovery.

TEXAS–GOVERNOR–University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll: Greg Abbott (R) 47, Wendy Davis (D) 36.

IOWA–U.S. SENATE–Public Policy Polling: Rep. Bruce Braley (D) 40, Matt Whitaker (R) 34; Braley 41, Joni Ernst (R); Braley 41, Mark Jacobs (R) 35; Braley 42, Sam Clovis (R) 42/34.

NEW HAMPSHIRE–U.S. SENATE–Public Policy Polling: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) 47, Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R) 38.

KANSAS–GOVERNOR–Public Policy Polling: Paul Davis (D) 42, Gov. Sam Brownback (R) 40.

“Only 33% of voters in the state approve of the job Brownback is doing, compared to 51% who disapprove.”

Apparently, in Kansas, you can be too batshit crazy insane.

HAWAII–U.S. SENATE–DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY–Honolulu Civil Beat Poll: Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) 40, Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D) 40.

Said pollster Matt Fitch: “They are in a holding pattern. I think for many people this may be one of the more high-profile Senate primaries, and it is unusual because there is not a massive ideological division between the two candidates. They are two popular choices.”

HAWAII–GOVERNOR–DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY–Honolulu Civil Beat Poll: State Sen. David Ige (D) 37, Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) 37.

Said pollster Matt Fitch: “What you are seeing is rather a public way of expressing discontent with the governor rather than a serious strength on Ige’s part. There are a couple of reasons. One, Ige’s support actually outstrips those people who say they have a favorable impression of him. People don’t really know him.”

WEST VIRGINIA–U.S. SENATE–Rasmussen: Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R) 49, Natalie Tennant (D) 35.

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  1. Delaware Dem says:

    Good news: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) is likely to veto. It really was her only option. Her state’s economy was about to be destroyed. Georgia and Kansas and other states considering similar pro-discrimination bills should learn this lesson.