Vance Phillips to run, will face a confused dude this September

Filed in National by on February 21, 2014

In spite of the soap opera that is his life, Vance Phillips will give himself the watermelon of doom this year and attempt to be its first survivor. His chances of survival actually seem pretty good if this Cape Gazette bulb fully captures his opponent’s confusion.

In District 5, Republican Harry Orvin Strickler of Roxana says he wants to bring trust back to government. “No one trusts our government anymore. I would like to start at this level to bring that trust back,” he said.

Bring trust back… okay, I’m listening.

Strickler said he walks a lot on Sussex back roads, and he’s appalled at the amount of trash he sees. “I would like to help clean up government as well as those back roads,” he said.

Littered back roads and corrupt government are problems that could be addressed, so what’s the game plan?

Labeling himself a constitutionalist, he said there are too many government regulations, especially when it comes to the environment.

Zoiks!! That was the very next sentence. A constitutionalists who thinks the way to clean up the environment is by trusting companies to follow their better angels. That sounds like the George Bush school of cluelessness.

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  1. Calvin Sparks says:

    Unreal! The stupidity of these people.

  2. Mitch Crane says:

    The Sussex County Council District 5 seat is much more than a Republican primary contest between Incumbent Phillps and challlenger Strickler. This seat is contested by Dagsboro Mayor Brad Connor, a Democrat who is very popular in the district. Though he has yet formally file, Mr. Connor is working hard and I expect he will be the next councilman to take the 5th (district) seat.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Thanks Mitch. The Cape Gazette story was lacking.

  4. SussexAnon says:

    Shorter Strickler: “I want to clean up Gov’t starting with the white trash reality show councilman known as Vance Phillips.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    Democrat Bob Wheatley is also considering running for the 5th Council District too since his wife is leaving her county job. He was considered the front runner for Sen Venables seat before he decided to run for re-election.