Friday Open Thread [2.21.14]

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I got nothing today, as I have been writing up some real posts lately. So have at it. I hear we are under a Tornado Watch. So, there’s that.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Canada 0 USA 0 going into the period.

  2. cassandra m says:

    Frank Luntz says he is quitting politics and getting into sports.

    I have no idea why sports would need a focus group.

    On the other hand, a sports panel of Keith Olbermann and Frank Luntz might be something I’d pay to see.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Having ruined American politics he is turning to sports. Super!

  4. cassandra m says:

    So how choice is this? Exxon CEO is just fine with fracking activity and infrastructure, as long as it is no where near his own house. He’s involved with a town lawsuit over it too.

  5. SussexWatcher says:

    NJ Sunday preview on Beau’s health:

    A whole lot of nuthin’ and a smattering of Lavelle.

  6. SussexWatcher says:

    The Biden story has been updates to add:

    One of Biden’s doctors revealed a few more details Friday after The News Journal made repeated requests for more information about Biden’s health. Dr. W.K. Alfred Yung, a professor and chair of MD Anderson’s Department of Neuro-Oncology, released a statement saying a hospital team “saw Beau Biden to remove a small lesion” on Aug. 20.

    “The procedure went flawlessly and the entire lesion was removed. He was discharged 36 hours later, with no restrictions on his activities,” Yung’s statement read. “On September 4th, 2013, Mr. Biden resumed his normal schedule. On November 11th, 2013, I conducted a follow-up exam and was very pleased to give Mr. Biden a clean bill of health.”

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, a lesion is an “abnormal change in the structure of an organ, due to injury or disease.

    Dr. Yung, the hospital and Biden’s office would provide no other information, including more description of the lesion, what his prognosis is, and whether he will be under continued supervision or require additional treatment.

  7. Joanne Christian says:

    Just back yesterday from business trip in Denver/Colorado Springs. Interesting conversations w/ 4 different business folks (residents) who are all AGAINST the recent passage of their marijuana laws. One fellow claims he and his wife are SERIOUSLY putting in for a company transfer, not wanting to deal with ANOTHER issue in raising the family. Another mentioned companies are putting “on hold” or backing out of intentions of start ups or expansions in Colorado. Still to come, two discussed the increase in heroin use now in the state being reported (anecdotal by them, that kids don’t see pot as “getting away with anything”). All 4 remarked (and these were different groups) they feel like the “joke and laughing stock……”–saying not one call from out of Colorado comes in it seems without someone making a comment…..

    All I could say was WOW…..Delaware thought you are on it…..Funny, hearing it from the real work-a-day and living it crowd. Food for thought?

  8. Pencadermom says:

    Heroin use is up in every state. If you want to decrease the use of heroin you have to go to the beginnings of heroin use. And it isn’t pot. It’s prescription pain pills. If you want to decrease that, you have to go after the doctors who are giving them out like candy.

  9. Tom McKenney says:

    If they don’t think all drugs are easily available without legalization, they have their head in the sand.