El Somnambulo Hosts Blues Bash This Saturday!!

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Yes, this is shameless self-promotion. In one of my many other incarnations, I am Symphony Steve, and I am a volunteer producer with the Arden Concert Gild.

I’m bringing in a killer blues/blues-rock show to the Arden Gild Hall this Saturday night at 8 p.m.

The opener is the Mikey Junior Band. Mikey Jr. is an amazing harp (harmonica, for those of you who are not blues aficionados) player and showman. Originally from Trenton, Mikey is making a big name for himself regionally and nationally. He’s made it to the finals of the International Blues Competition in Memphis. He always has a kicking band, and now he’s got a new CD as well. Check him out for yourself:



I know, I know, yes, he’s worth the price of admission by himself.

B-b-b-ut, wait’ll you check out the headliner. Lance Lopez is an incredible blues guitar shredder from Texas. Started out playing guitar with Johnnie ‘Who’s Making Love’ Taylor, a great Stax-Volt soul singer. Went on to be the bandleader for Lucky Peterson for three years, and he toured all over the world with him. He then became Buddy Miles‘ guitar player, and Buddy liked him so much that he produced Lance’s first album. Lance combines Hendrix-like pyrotechnics with the Texas blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Winter. Don’t believe me?:


No wonder BB King says, “Lance Lopez got 3 standing ovations when he opened a show for me and I was among those standing.”

B-b-b-ut, just wait’ll you hear the price. Only $20 a ticket! $15 if you’re an Arden Club member. And all you need to do to reserve is email me at el_somnambulo@delawareliberal.net.  You will receive a personal reply either from El Somnambulo and/or Symphony Steve. Or you can just show up and buy tickets. Assuming we don’t sell the place out. Doors open at 7-ish (depending on when sound checks are over), and we’ve got some real nice beer and wine there as well. Oh, and I’ll be your MC for the night.

Now back to our progressive blog already in progress.

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  1. Ron Ozer says:

    Arden Gild Hall is a great venue! Signed, a totally objective bystander.

  2. LeBay says:

    My friend lives down the street from the Gild Hall. I’m wifeless and childless this weekend, so I might have to make this my entertainment for Saturday night.

  3. It WILL be entertaining. Please say hi to me. There just might be a complimentary beer in it for you…