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The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) sent us what they called a guest post, but it was more like a press release, concerning the General Assembly’s passage of SB 6, the Minimum Wage Bill. I am very happy that the DLCC is working up the state legislative races across the land, because, as we have seen across the country, when Republicans get control of them, they everything and anything they ever wanted to pass. Forced gun ownership. Complete abortion bans. Voter suppression.

So I wish them well in there efforts to link the state legislative into the Democrats’ overrall midterm narrative of income inequality.

But… sometimes these national organizations miss some of the local politics that take place. We would have had a minimum wage increase last year but for the Democratic leadership in the House and the Democratic Governor.

Minimum Wage Victory for Delaware Workers

Democrats in more than 30 states are taking steps to raise the minimum wage, an issue overwhelmingly supported by working Americans. With the notable passage of SB 6 last week, Democratic lawmakers helped Delaware become the first state of 2014 to enact such an increase, highlighting their responsiveness to the needs of struggling working families.

This common-sense legislation could not have passed without the hard and dedicated work of the progressive grassroots movement in Delaware, which has consistently advocated for fair wages and greater economic opportunities.

Workers in Delaware currently making $7.25 an hour will see their wages rise by 50 cents this June and another 50 cents next year, the largest state-authorized increase in seven years. An extra dollar per hour is less than the $10.10 minimum wage proposed by President Obama and supported by many progressives, but a 14% raise will still make a big difference for Delaware’s 40,000 minimum wage employees – especially if Republicans in Congress make good on their promise to deny the President’s proposal a vote.

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) executive director Michael Sargeant said in a statement, “I’m extremely proud of Democratic legislators in Delaware for making their state the first to raise its minimum wage in 2014. I would especially like to thank House Majority Leader and DLCC Board member Rep. Valerie Longhurst (D-15) for co-sponsoring the bill; lead sponsors Sen. Robert Marshall (D-3) and Rep. Gerald Brady (D-4); as well as their many Democratic colleagues who co-sponsored and voted for it.

This victory gives the movement for a higher minimum wage added momentum as more than 30 states begin discussions to implement similar proposals… We look forward to the passage of similar bills in states across the country.”

[Post by Geoffrey Montes, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.]

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