The Band That Got Away

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I, El Somnambulo, am, in one of my many other incarnations, a volunteer concert producer with the Arden Concert Gild. My musical interests tend to run towards roots, blues, soul, and Americana, especially if the music rocks. (BTW, I’m producing a killer blues and blues rock show on Feb. 22, but I digress.)

While there have always been artists who are outside of our price range, I never regretted missing out on an artist I really wanted to book.  Until now.

They are Lake Street Dive, and they’ll perform on Colbert Wednesday. They are gonna hit it big, fortunately/unfortunately too big for us. BTW, their website is chockful of ‘Bad Self Portraits’. Hey, they’re funny, and their fans are in on the joke. When they were still bookable back in the fall, we didn’t have the dates. Now, with their new great album, their appearance on the Inside Llewellyn Davis concert, and a fan base that they built one fan at a time in true DIY fashion, they are now *sigh* unattainable.

But I think that you’ll love them and that you should love them. I could go on and on, but let’s let the music speak:

‘Bad Self Portraits’


‘Dedicated To The One I Love’  (every Halloween, they do a cover of a two-boy/two-girl band; doesn’t get better than this)

‘I Want You Back’  (this vid went viral after Tom Hanks raved about it, {or was it Kevin Bacon, whose 4 Degrees of Kevin Bacon have insidiously overrun this board much in the same way that the Ee-vil Dr. Oz has decreed what everyone should eat?}, helped jumpstart their word-of-mouth)

‘You Go Down Smooth’

Remember, Colbert Wednesday, Union Transfer in April, and, maybe the Gild Hall. Someday? Please?

Until then, I’ll be slouchin’ at the corner of Gin and Vermouth, lamenting about the One That Got Away. After all, I’ve lost my equilibrium, my car keys, and my pride..:

‘The One That Got Away’.

You’re welcome.


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  1. Jason330 says:

    Not that it is contest, but I usually hate the shit you like, but these guys are great. And I know my tastes haven’t changed, so I guess yours did.

    So I win!

  2. Jason, that served as a reminder. Time to put up my fave musical tracks of January. There are six of ’em. How many will Jason like? I predict 0 out of six:

    Cloud Nothings: “I’m Not Part of Me”:

    David Wilcox: “Oil Talking to Ya”:

    Together Pangea: “Badillac”:

    Kevin Drew: “Good Sex”:

    Damien Jurado: “Silver Timothy”:

    Finally, my personal fave:

    Sun Kil Moon: “Ben’s My Friend”:

  3. Jason330 says:

    That doesn’t really motivate me to click on the links.

  4. Folks, do not be scared away by, dare I say it, this cultural Philistine.

    Click on the links. It won’t hurt you.

    I, uh, promise.

  5. bookkeeper's son says:

    Wow, they’re great! A soulful singer, with harmonies. Nice.

  6. jason330 says:

    Cloud Nothings (Cleveland), Green Day called. They want their fake British accents back.

    David Wilcox, I used to like those three chords in songs by everyone else ever.

    Together Pangaea, has the distinction of being as useless as David Wilcox only more so.

    Kevin Drew’s song should be called, “I got a Casio keyboard for Christmas!”

    Damien Jurado Yuck! (But what would you expect from Austin’s third best Doors tribute band?)

    Sun Kil Moon, not bad.

  7. Hey, at least you’re workin’ with me here…

  8. stan merriman says:

    This is great music. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. Perry says:

    They are absolutely fantastic. Thanks El Som!