Wilmington Charter joins club of elite National Blue Ribbon Schools

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When your school’s mission is to hoover up all the academic talent in a given county, you should come out on top, so congratulations…I guess. I mean, I don’t have anything against Wilmington Charter. I’m a parent and in every parent’s heart there is a large area of selfishness dedicated to doing the right thing for your kid, regardless. But don’t use Charter as an example of how “successful” charter schools are.

Charter School of Wilmington students drummed their feet on the gym bleachers Friday as school leaders brought out an easel covered with a cloth. When school President Samuel Paoli unveiled the plaque underneath, they erupted.

The plaque declared them National Blue Ribbon School, the most prestigious and coveted award the U.S. Department of Education gives.

“The reason we’re here is to honor your work and dedication to academic excellence,” Paoli told the students. “This is for the whole Charter School of Wilmington community.”

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  1. John Young says:

    The plaque declared them National Blue Ribbon School, the most prestigious and coveted award the U.S. Department of Education gives.

    USDOE idolatry is a folly of unspeakable, callous, ignorance that attracts sycophants and policy makers who prefer cheering to doing.

    Coveted? More like reviled.

  2. kavips says:

    To give Wilmington Charter School a medal is like honoring Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and The Beast . Though one can admire the excesses, it fails to take in account the harm his actions cause others around him.

    Charter Schools do not exist in a vacuum.

    Despite such misgivings… a big Woot, Woot for those young men and women who worked so hard is very heartfelt…Good job, guys. None of the negativity is aimed your way.

    But, alas, … Himmler gave out awards too… 🙁

  3. puck says:

    It’s about time that school finally got some recognition.

  4. kavips says:

    Interesting that I hear no mention of……..

    Allen Frear Elementary School
    950 Center Road
    Dover, DE 19901-5998
    Phone: (302) 697-3279
    Principal: Mrs. Tara Faircloth
    School District: Caesar Rodney

    Nor do I hear any accolades for….

    Richard A. Shields Elementary School
    910 Shields Avenue
    Lewes, DE 19958-5717
    Phone: (302) 645-7748
    Principal: Mrs. Jennifer Nauman
    School District: Cape Henlopen

    Both of which are on the very same list above and below Wilmington Charter School…. Must be because they’re black.

  5. John Young says:

    LOL puck

  6. Joanne Christian says:

    Not to be a poor sport or anything, but I always thought those schools had to triumph above and beyond their disadvantages–as in socio-economic, etc.. Unless, they changed the demographic, I don’t know how COW qualified at the minimum 40% level, but then again it’s our Sec. of Ed who has to nominate–so if his world of math says only 20% of our high school grads are college ready–then I guess Murphy Math figures at least 40% of COW students are disadvantaged. So, yea they should get the endorsement.

    And Michael Phelps should savor a victory at the community pool.

    Hold your head high jason30! The SIEMENS Award only goes to 50 high schools nationally–and your local high school brought that one home.

    Go Shields, Go Frear, C’mon Charter?!!

  7. pandora says:

    Charter School of Wilmington:

    Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity:

    2011-12 2012-13
    African American 4.8% 6.2%
    American Indian 0.3% 0.3%
    Asian 26.2% 26.6%
    Hawaiian 0.1% 0.2%
    Hispanic/Latino 2.5% 3.1%
    White 66.1% 63.6%

    Other Student Characteristics:

    2011-12 2012-13
    English Language Learner 0.0% 0.0%
    Low Income 2.6% 1.6%
    Special Education 0.2% 0.2%

    Are we really rewarding this? But if we keep wanting to pretend that the secret to CSW “success” is what goes on in the classroom rather than who they let into the classroom, then let’s put CSW teachers into Dickinson or Glasgow high school and let them perform their magic. Any takers?

  8. jason330 says:

    They’ve overcome the challenges of being affluent white people!