Will the DEGOP really allow Beau, Chris and John to have free walks?

Filed in National by on February 1, 2014

Celia mentioned the sad state of Delaware’s second political party last week:

…So far, the (DEGOP) has nobody for senator, representative or attorney general, Tom Wagner for re-election as auditor, and only a chance at a primary for treasurer, if Ken Simpler Jr. is joined in the race by Colin Bonini, a state senator who ran the last time.

But is it really conceivable that Charlie Copeland’s DEGOP will be MORE incompetent that Sig’s? Last week, my sense was that the GOP would certainly be able to talk some egotistical jerks into being punching bags in order to keep up the fiction that the party is sane, but I’m starting to have second thoughts. It is already getting late in the day for people to be talked up as serious candidates.

That leaves the GOP with unserious candidates like Rose Izzo. If Izzo is the only one to step up, will Charlie be able to raise a Vicmead glass to her efforts with a straight face? I kind of doubt it.

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  1. Nuttingham says:

    The GOP pushed their convention back to after the primary, but does anybody know if the local committees will still be endorsing?

  2. Mark Blake says:

    We’ll have to wait until at least Tuesday and see what Punxsutawney Phil predicts, since anyone running for elected office would have to be crazy to start door knocking in this frigid weather! Then, if we’ve got another 6 weeks of winter, we’ll see who pops up after the thaw and tosses their hat, (scarf, gloves/mittens, parka, insulated woolies, and felt packer boots) into the race.

  3. Nuttingham says:

    Great metaphor, terrible strategy.

  4. Mark Blake says:

    Nuttingham, I agree, lousy strategy, but it is something different and that might just be the start of actual change.

    Other than that, I was just trying for a little lighthearted humor in this longer than usual DE winter. Hey, good news, looks like another “snow day” tomorrow, Monday, with 4-6″ being predicted to start accumulating from 8-9:00 AM. Which backs up the 112 year old tradition, whenr PP did indeed, see his shadow this morning.