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Filed in Delaware by on February 1, 2014

Bicycling magazine is conducting its annual survey of the best of local biking advocacy groups and our own Bike Delaware is on the list of nominees. They are nominated for ending the Share the Road idea — controversial, but highly ambiguous in noting exactly *who* was expected the Share the Road. Apparently motorists thought it was cyclists who were doing the sharing and cyclists thought it was motorists. Getting rid of that sign removes the ambiguity and was an idea that even DelDOT’s traffic engineers loved. (In fact, there seems to be some controversy over whose idea this was — DelDOT’s or Bike Delware — and I have no way to figure that out. Just noting that this is out there. But vote for them if you want to support the hometown bike effort.) There’s more about this over at Streetsblog, too.

Go help them win this thing by voting for them here.

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  1. jason330 says:

    I voted. That was cool about the “Share the Road” signs.

  2. AGovernor says:

    I voted.

  3. Andy says:

    Maybe when bicyclists pay their fair share to entertain themselves on roads and trails paid for through gas taxes and other fees charged to people who drive then maybe these things can be taken seriously. As it stands now the poor and middle class are unfairly impacted with the raise in gas taxes and bus fares to balance the transportation trust fund.

  4. pandora says:

    I’m really trying hard to sympathize with the anti-gas-taxers. I get the argument, but as a person who chose to live in the city, not buy a stupid SUV status symbol, fills up their gas tank once every 3 weeks and uses public transit, I’m having trouble here. Perhaps there’s a way to give poor people a tax credit/subsidy and let everyone else pay the tax.

  5. Camptown Lady says:

    I’m really trying hard to sympathize with the anti-gas-taxers…

    Move to the country, tow a boat, work as a carpenter and maybe you’ll get it.