Tiny Facebook Page Critical of NCC Government Subpoenaed by AG’s Office

Filed in Delaware by on January 28, 2014

This tiny facebook page with only 312 likes (as of yesterday afternoon) has someone mighty stirred up. Whoever is behind the page had apparently been doing some intriguing and often inflammatory writing about some Wilmington and NCCo fixtures until it seemed to have run out of steam. The recent lack of momentum may be associated with the fact that they went off the deep end, throwing around unsubstantiated rumors of affairs. Or it may be because they felt the heat coming on.

Either way, this subpoena is intriguing. Who could induce Beau Biden to get involved with this small potatoes BS? What are they after? It appears Biden is asking for the names behind the page, but to what end? And why did someone think it was a good idea to employ the Barbara Streisand effect on this?

PRW has a theory:

Below is a subpoena sent by Attorney General Beau Biden and Deputy Attorney General Mathew Frawley to Facebook. In all likelihood County Executive Thomas Gordon, his Chief-of Staff Dave Grimaldi, and Wilmington Mayor Dennis Dennis P. Williams are involved in this violation of Civil Rights as well.
PRW believes our anonymity is at stake and there is a conspiracy amongst some elected officials to seize our 1st Amendment Rights. The Peaceful Rioters for Wilmington, Delaware are in contact with the ACLU

From everything I’ve heard about the Gordon/Grimaldi style of doing business, I’d say it is a safe bet that they are behind the subpoena. They would seem to have the shortsightedness needed to unnecessarily raise PRW’s profile, but do they really have the juice to get Biden involved in this? It is odd.


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  1. cassandra_m says:

    The Williams Administration has had more than a few punches thrown its way from this page as well. The ACLU has responded in support herehere.

    It is a headscratcher as to who could get Beau Biden to signoff on finding out who is behind a page that has a smaller reach than Channel 28. And that people were beginning to ignore. This just jumpstarts the interest in whatever is going on on that page.

  2. pandora says:

    354 likes now. Yep, the Streisand Effect – and I’m obviously a part of that! I never even knew the FB page existed, but now I do. BRB, gotta go read the entire page! (See what happened here? 😉 )

  3. kavips says:

    In Beau’s current state, my bet is that the order was signed out from underneath him. A quick call to FB can determine who the signatory was… Then a public outing, Then a firing.

  4. kavips says:

    Ashley Callaway….

    Paralegal for Matthew Crawley
    Deputy Attorney General…
    Delaware Dept of Justice….

    Bets are that Matthew doesn’t even yet know about it…. Someone should let him know…. obviously Beau is in the dark… someone should let him know….
    lol… Gotta love Delaware… 🙂

  5. Jason330 says:

    I don’t really get the point of the subpoena. The AG’s office (Beau or someone) is asking for the names of the people (person) behind the FB page, but to what end? Has there been some crime that they are investigating? Or is the AG’s office being used by NCC or the Mayor’s office to muscle around perceived “enemies” ?

    If it is the latter – then yes. That’s a big problem.

  6. Jason330 says:

    A rogue paralegal ? Seems far fetched to me. Most paralegals I know like being employed.

  7. Zach Harper says:

    @Kavips — Nice pot-stirring. This is typically how court filings and other documents like subpoenas are signed coming out of the Delaware Department of Justice, and it isn’t a representation that AG Biden has personally reviewed any of it. That’s why Crawley’s signature and title are at the bottom. United States Attorney’s Office does it this way too.

  8. kavips says:

    That is true. November is a long ways away.

  9. Zach Harper says:

    Looks like the Delaware ACLU is already on the case, according to PRW’s FB page.

  10. pandora says:

    360 likes, and counting. Goliath’s actions might have been a mistake.

  11. mediawatch says:

    And the subpoena is signed by the paralegal for the son of the late Wilmington mayor. The entire state is a small-town soap opera.

  12. SussexWatcher says:

    I thought the late mayor was Frawley, not Crawley.

  13. cassandra m says:

    The Deputy AG this is signed for is Matthew Frawley, not Crawley.

  14. I spent probably too much time on this yesterday. One of the things said on the site was that the mayor threw AG Biden and Governor Markell out of his office.

    “Our Dear Mayor is creating an Autocracy in Wilmington. Mayor Williams believes he answers to no one. Many have witnessed Williams bully County Executive Gordon, and sources close to Williams say Attorney General Biden and Governor Markell have been thrown out of his office.”

    That is mild, considering.

    What is hilarious are the sidebars offered by Kevin Holmes, an actor in spreading the filth through the community by way of tagging people’s he’s friended on the PRW posts. Many of us who were friends with Kevin and found these posts objectionable have unfriended him so he can’t keep tagging us. And we’ve unliked the PRW site. So as many new likes as DelLibbers gleefully count, do know that there’ve been a slew of unlikes in the months’ past.

    And do look on Kevin’s fb page for his video attacking Loretta Walsh and his recent “Convo with Cassandra”

  15. Kevin Holmes says:

    Nancy Willing needs to mind her own business and stop assuming.

  16. Classiccom says:

    Beau Biden is always an establishment lackey. It takes a lot of bravery to take on high criminal factions that extend to New York and NJ. Too bad Beau Biden lacks that quality.

    Well at least you can’t blame the conservatives in NY. They all left.

  17. LeBay says:

    Well at least you can’t blame the conservatives in NY. They all left.

    1. WTF does New York have to do with this conversation?

    2. On the off chance that New York actually has any connection to this conversation, there are plenty of conservatives outside of the 5 boroughs. Upstate NY is basically Tennessee w/ a different accent.

  18. cassandra m says:

    And now the NJ has picked up the story, with even more publicity for this page. The DOJ claims there is an ongoing criminal investigation, which sounds like BS to me.

  19. mediawatch says:

    Well at least you can’t blame the conservatives in NY. They all left.

    …and Staten Island has always been pretty conservative.

    @cassandra — The DOJ claims there is an ongoing criminal investigation, which sounds like BS to me.

    I hope the NJ stays on this one … asking Beau every week how they’re doing with the investigation … He deserves to have his feet held to the fire for this overreach.

  20. cassandra m says:

    I hope the NJ stays on this one too, but don’t have high expectations. As of this AM, the page has about 575 likes and a spanking new energy — where for awhile it was dying on the vine. So whoever wants the people on this page to shut up has provided a ton of incentive for them to NOT do that.

    Besides, you’d think that Nancy would have more sympathy for Peaceful Rioters. They do the kind of blogging she is famous for — half of a real story spoiled by some spectacularly wrong detail, usually of the “people have whispered to me” variety. And don’t get me started on the detail of showily defriending someone she didn’t want tagging her, but following that guy’s page enough to see abit of stalking video that no one is paying attention to.

  21. huh? Cass thinks Holmes is stalking her and I am “famous” for blogging like PRW?

  22. jason330 says:

    All the NJ story reveals is that Cris Barrish reads DL. (Hi Cris!)

  23. kavips says:

    Missing from this whole argument is the question of whether FB should divulge the sources… I would venture that only in cases of mass terrorism should that ever be allowed. For simply investigating a FB page, is an intimidating action that stifles free speech. Having any of yours or my accounts investigated just because we are commenting here, would make almost all of us shy away from commenting here ever again… Free speech gets stifled.

    Perhaps a good reply would be this:, … only after we can see who is behind our government (ie. dark money as per Citizen’s United), should we considered whether or not to allow you (the government) to see who is behind WE THE PEOPLE’S objections to this threatening mysterious entity previously known as our government…

    Or something along those lines…

    All FB requests should have to go through a judge.

  24. LeBay says:

    I nearly had to rush to the bathroom after reading cassandra_m’s post.

    @Nancy Willing-

    Replace your existing clown mirror w/ a plain mirror when you engage in self reflection.

    In other words, you’re not nearly as awesome as you think you are.