Delaware’s top three counties

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3. Kent Marshy to the east, farmy to the west with a strip of fast food places and check cashing shops running down the middle. Sure it has the Firefly festival now, but that’s just NASCAR for hipsters. Swap the Bud Light for Dog Fish head and there you are.

2. Sussex Since none of Delaware’s counties contain a mountain rage, you simple can’t beat the Atlantic Ocean as a marquee feature. The backwards losers are losing the race against modernity in this county. The problem, of course, is what modernity will reign? The crappy Green Turtles of the world or the scrappy El Dorados?

1. New Castle Delaware’s best county by far (not that they had much competition). Great public schools, access to transportation, decent parks and amenities. Look at our streams creeks and bays, just don’t touch them, or eat more than 2 oz. of fish a year, and Bob’s your uncle.

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  1. FenceSitter says:

    Umm, forgot Arden. Pretty sure that’s a county, and it may even be a sovereign state. And who’s Bob? Never met him but agree its likely we are related if he lives in D.

  2. fightingbluehen says:

    The future of Delaware is in it’s southern region.…/2011-03-02-delaware-census_N.htm‎

  3. fightingbluehen says:

    Sorry about the bad link from Gannett. It’s a census report that shows growth in the southern counties far outpacing that of Newcastle County.

  4. Tom McKenney says:

    There is a large difference between eastern and western Sussex. My guess is that the growth is in eastern Sussex.