This week in Chris Christie is a big fat liar news

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The big fat liar had a busy week:

– Both the state Senate and Assembly created their own special committees to investigate the Christie law breaking and within hours, 20 subpoenas were issued to 17 key people and three organizations in the unfolding story.

– Those in the governor’s inner circle who have been subpoenaed include Kevin O’Dowd, the governor’s pick to serve as the state’s new attorney general; Michael Drewniak, Christie’s chief spokesman; Bill Stepien, his former campaign manager; Charles McKenna, the governor’s chief counsel; Bridget Anne Kelly, former deputy chief of staff; and Matt Mowers, another former aide.

– Christie lawyered up for good reason.

Christie told a group in Weehawken that he was committed to being in New Jersey for all 4 years of his second term – for the first time signaling that he might not run for President.

– In Washington, Sen. Jay Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.) has opened his own inquiry into the closures said he has received “zero evidence” the lane closings were part of a legitimate traffic study, after the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey responded to questions from his committee.

– David Wildstein’s lawyer says that he will talk only is given immunity (I’m not lawyer, is that allowed?)

– David Wildstein asked the Port Authority to pay his legal bills.

– The lower house (Assembly voted 75-0 to continue the investigation started by the transportation committee.

– The investigating committee has retained Reid Schar, the former federal prosecutor who put Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich behind bars.

– The Senate approved a similar special committee by a vote of 33-0. That panel will be led by Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen), whose district includes Fort Lee.

– Weinberg said the Senate panel will subpoena records from three high-ranking officials at the center of the scandal: Port Authority Chairman David Samson, Port Authority Commissioner William “Pat” Schuber and Regina Egea, the governor’s incoming chief of staff, whose names appeared amid the thousands of pages in emails and text messages the Assembly Transportation Committee received through a subpoena.

– William “Pat” Schuber who has not been in the headlines until now is a David Wildstein protege who will eventually link the Governor to the cover-up. (Schuber was on the outside of the operation so when he was asking for help for Fort Lee, his emails and texts were more unguarded than Wildstein’s)

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Should be interesting, especially if Christies 2016 prospects are over or on hold. I doubt it will harm him in the long run, but in the short term I expect prevarication, denial “walking back” recent statements. In short, tons of fun.

  2. Dave says:

    If Christie were small and skinny, I wonder if that headline would have been the same?

  3. jason330 says:

    In addition to his many well documented personality flaws, he is a fat pig. I don’t see the need to try and soft pedal that obvious fact. I guess I would if I thought it could take the focus off his crimes. But even Christie’s enormous girth can’t eclipse them.

  4. cassandra_m says:

    Add to this the story told by the Mayor of Hoboken that Christie’s people held Sandy Recovery Aid hostage in return for approvals of a development plan that Christie and his developer friend wanted.

  5. Nuttingham says:

    Imagine if she’d come forward earlier. It might have changed who ran against him and made it a real race.

  6. SussexAnon says:

    Calling someone fat is lazy and unnecessary. Its just as dickish as Rs calling Obama a Kenyan. Yes, both are true, but they are meant to demean and thus lower the bar for having an intellectual, fact based argument.

    Especially in the liberal “diversity” movement. Unless diversity doesn’t include fat people.

    Get over what he looks like and concentrate on the corruption and the story at hand.

    Would “gov. jews down pay to meet budget” be acceptable? “Lt. Gov. ‘comes up short’ on education initiatives?” “President n-word-rigs healthcare website?” Yeah, you look that stupid.

  7. Liberal Elite says:

    What’s wrong with Kenya? Why would calling someone a Kenyan, if true, lower any bar?

  8. Jason330 says:

    Sussex anon, I agree to disagree on the fat thing.

  9. Liberal Elite says:

    @J “Sussex anon, I agree to disagree on the fat thing.”

    In the rough and tumble world of partisan politics, it’s fair game. How many times did Rush Limbaugh call Teddy Kennedy “Fat” or “Bloated”. How many fat “jokes” was that???

    If the tables were turned, how many Republicans would not use that chit for a small advantage. The fat are discriminated against in the US, and it’s very blatant. And discrimination against fat people does not hold the same social stigma as open discriminating against blacks or native Americans.

  10. Jason330 says:

    …and What about Gore? That is always falls on the Dems to take the high road creates a built in advantage for the GOP. And as you point out it is an advantage that they are not shy about exploiting.