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Delaware Dem is busy in the real world today, so I’m grabbing this.  First up… weekends were always a union plot and must be done away with

A pair of Republican legislators in Wisconsin are circulating a draft of a bill that would allow a 7-day work week for the state’s workers. According to the Stephen Points Journal newspaper, the two lawmakers are floating the bill on behalf of the state’s largest anti-union business lobby, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.


Republicans say that the bill will expand workers’ opportunities to make money by working unconventional hours. They promise that the 7-day work week will increase productivity in the state and stimulate revenue.

Opponents of the law say that employers would likely use the law as a means of erasing the weekend and forcing employees to work longer hours without rest.

Essentially, the Republican bill would strike down a current law that says all Wisconsin factories and retail stores must give workers at least 24 hours in a row off every seven days.

Isn’t that special.

Moving on… Via TPM:

“President Barack Obama will make a personnel announcement at the White House on Wednesday afternoon, according to the White House.”

The announcement is scheduled for 3:40.  Any ideas on what this could be about?

And here’s a story that makes me hate people.  Just go read the post.  Calling a dying woman’s tweets about her, you know, dying, “deathbed selfies” is vile.  Seriously, what is wrong with these people? If you have other feelings about how people should live or die, you can keep them to yourself, Keller family and mouth-breathers at Fishbowl DC. No one asked you, and no one ever will.


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  1. Anonymyx says:

    Delaware is the 2nd least polarized, ie the difference between Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature is pretty narrow. But at least it looks like we’ve moved the Dems a little to the left.

    Not that this graph doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know.

  2. anonymous says:

    Some of this appeared in Business Week last October, but not a peep from anyone in Delaware.