Teabag Republicans Cave on Budget Brinksmanship – Have Asses Handed to Them

Filed in National by on January 15, 2014

The House has passed a $1.1 trillion spending plan that would fund the government through September. The Senate is expected to take up the measure by the end of the week. The spending bill would roll back some forced spending cuts, raise federal worker pay and protect disabled workers and some military spouses from a pension cut that is to go into effect next year. The deal is a break from several years of budget brinksmanship, stopgap funding measures and down-to-the-deadline negotiating, such as the one that forced the 16-day government shutdown in October.

I know, I know. The winners and losers will be revealed, and the teabags probably got everything they’ve ever demanded and more, but I’ve been spoiling for a little triumphalism.

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  1. pandora says:

    That 1.1 trillion number is gonna make Tea Partiers very upset.

    I like your triumphalism! It’s probably more satisfying than picking on babies.

  2. bamboozer says:

    Au Contraire, the Baggers have already begun to P & Moan, yearning for a full scale assault on the ACA, Medicare and their arch enemy Social Security. Notice both parties continued their love affair with the Military Industrial Complex, no doubt “to keep us safe” and profits high. But fear not, young Ted Cruz has learned nothing and will be back. The real threat to the Baggers is now the business community, look for them to turn the tables and primary assorted Baggers in the coming election.

  3. Brock Landers says:

    It is time that reasonable Americans who care about their country to start framing the Tea Party as the seditious, treasonous, anti-American saboteurs that they are. Their policies and ambitions are a drag on our great nation. Most places in the US where these seditious thugs have seized power are devolving into 3rd world hellholes.