Can a product of Carper Cyborgenics run on a human heart?

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When I saw that Sean Barney was ready to run, I knew a long bank of switches were being flipped, and guys in short sleeved white dress shirts wearing ties and bulky headsets were saying, “Mission?”

“Mission Control is GO!,”


“Houston is GO, flight”

…as well as other rocketry stuff to each other back at Carper HQ. I heard Carper talking up Barney eight years or so ago at a Jeff/Jax and figured, “Okay, this is happening.” And so it is. But can a product of Carper, Inc keep his human heart? The experience of John Carney says that it is a long-shot. Beholden to banks? Check. Utterly ignoring issues of social and economic justice? Check.

Is Sean Barney going to be more of the same?

His background, and what he says about himself anyway, actual provides a slim ray of hope that he might not be another Carper clone.

This is from the Center for Public Leadership.

I grew up 15 minutes outside Newark, New Jersey. I was conscious growing up that very close to home young people were denied by circumstance opportunities that many in my community took for granted. In high school, I joined with a friend from the Central Ward of Newark to form a group called Everyday People, which brought students together from schools in Newark and the surrounding suburbs to plan and carry out joint service projects. My subsequent experiences in Newark convinced me that conditions there were a manifestation of broader social neglect. My emphasis slowly shifted away from localized community action toward national politics. As a campaign and legislative aide, I have sought to assist leaders who are unwilling to accept complacent or cynical responses to social injustice with their burdens of public persuasion.
I enlisted in the Marine Corps after 9/11 because I am concerned by trends indicating that the well-educated and well-to-do are increasingly absenting themselves from our “all-volunteer” military, and thus from the frontlines of our nation’s wars. I have been blessed with opportunities early on to participate in our nation’s public life. My intention is to remain involved, as a civil rights and impact-litigation attorney, an advisor to progressive public officials, and perhaps a candidate for office myself someday. I am grateful for the opportunity that the Zuckerman Fellowship provides me to engage with, and learn from, an intellectually, professionally, and culturally diverse group of exceptionally talented and public-spirited young colleagues.

UPDATE: Mentioning Sean Barney reminds me that this song/video which makes me happy. (Warning: the “F” word is used by John McClain)

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  1. Carper AND Bill Bradley, according to his resume.

    Trust, but verify…

  2. puck says:

    “Is Sean Barney going to be more of the same?

    What do you think? His stated mission is to ensure the Treasurer’s office remains in the hands of the Establishment to ensure the status quo. Markell staffers and DL contributors are already chortling in anticipation and pledging support. There won’t be any progressive victories declared here.

    Barney and Mayrack deserve a fair hearing. But don’t we have any new blood other than former Carper and Carney staffers (i.e., Mayrack)? Is the Dem bench that shallow?

  3. jason330 says:

    Puck, I wouldn’t be a liberal if I wasn’t an optimist.

  4. anon says:

    The Treasurer’s Office can be a gateway to the Governor’s Mansion or US Congress, so be very careful about who you’re putting on deck.

  5. This quote raises questions:

    “As a campaign and legislative aide, I have sought to assist leaders who are unwilling to accept complacent or cynical responses to social injustice with their burdens of public persuasion.”

    What did he do while working for Carper, then? Get banking executives to donate used clothing to down-on-their luck hedge fund managers?

  6. Delaware Dem says:

    I would be careful subscribing Carper or even Markell’s actions or opinions to him. When you are a political staffer, you take the job that is offered.

  7. Delaware Dem says:

    So, Anon, what you are saying is:

    Jack Markell 2009-1017
    Matt Denn 2017-2025
    Sean Barney 2025-

  8. Barney that he implied that ‘leaders’ he worked with, including Carper, were ‘unwilling to accept complacent or cynical responses to social injustice ‘.

    Doesn’t sound like the Carper I know. So, I’d like to know what Barney meant by that.

    Oh, and living 15 minutes outside the city of Newark, NJ, isn’t the same as living in Newark. I live 10 minutes outside of Wilmington, BTW.

    I support the guy b/c Flowers is a disaster, but I’ll give no more free passes to people who have worked with Carper.

  9. Jason330 says:

    I agree with El Som. Carper’s taint is on him.

    He is guilty until proven innocent as far as I’m concerned. I only thought the bio sounded like a guy who was a real Democrat, at least for a little while.

  10. kavips says:

    Your link to Center for Public Leadership looks intact, but is not working. Did you cause them to take it down? 🙂

    Is it then just another fake astroturfed credential?

  11. JulieAndrews says:

    Is anyone else running?

  12. Nuttingham says:

    Who else would want to fall into that VonTrapp?.