Sunday Open Thread [1.5.14]

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Oh, joy: Actor Steven Seagal has told a local Arizona television station that he is considering a run for governor.

“According to Seagal, the number one problem facing the U.S. is its open borders. He also came to the defense of Sheriff Arpaio, as well the prospect of extending amnesty to undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.”

Have they figured out if Jan Brewer can run for a third term yet? The Arizona Constitution, as interpreted by the state elections officers, seems to forbid another run by Brewer. Last I heard Brewer was defiant, saying it was possible that she could run again. A quick Google search reveals nothing more. Crazy but Obamacare-loving Jan is better than a washed “actor” who defends a racist Sheriff.

Speaking of conservative sheriffs who run afoul of the law, I am told that twice-defeated-by-the-Courts Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher was named Conservative Man of the Year by Delaware Politics. And that pretty much sums up the state of the Delaware Republican Party in this state.

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  1. Old Sussex County Native says:

    When I heard that, my first thought was that I’ve been in a coma for four months, and it must be April Fool’s Day. I genuinely thought it had to be some kind of joke. I mean come on, REALLY???

  2. Jason330 says:

    Knowing that Christopher is a paragon of conservatism, I’m temped to try and reverse engineer a definition of conservatism. The mind boggles.

  3. Aoine says:

    He may be ” conservative of the year”

    But he also got his nuts, errr I mean wings clipped too. However, he is laughing all the way to the bank with the notoriety- he pulled a Palin and is doing quite well financially.

    A hooker on the corner of Hollywood and Vine is more honest and has more integrity than this fool- but hey, sheep were meant to be shorn, and he sure has fleeced quite a few. Being a Sussex County conservative an all………

    He is still asking for money to fight his cause, the sheeple must not realize the case has been decided and that SCOTUS won’t hear it. But hey, his brand of conservatives are not the smartest.

    The question is tho, will the Sussex GOP run him for office? After four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shenanigans.

    Break out the pop-corn folks, civil war is a coming……if he has the primary challenge IF the GOP decides to run him at all. Those meetings are going to be interesting…..

  4. Old Sussex County Native says:

    Any sign of a Democratic candidate yet? Isn’t he up for 2014?

  5. anon says:


  6. Knows better says:

    Let’s not forget that one of his ‘deputies’ was hauled onto a commission hearing and got canned for lying (you can’t beat a GPS!) and being an overall bad deputy. Funniest part of the whole thing for me was how this wacko ‘sheriff’ defended the ‘deputy’ to the bitter end. When a ‘sheriff’ mentions a ‘posse’ you know you’ve got a troubled ‘sheriff’.

  7. Jason330 says:

    From Boing Boing:

    Arizona taxpayers pay through the nose for Sheriff Arpaio’s illegal antics

    A constant stream of settlements, penalties and legal fees spews out of the tax coffers in Maricopa County, Arizona, all racked up by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The latest, reports The Republic, is the $21.9m tag resulting from his racial profiling policies, which resulted in another courtroom pounding last May.

    Does Sussex County really want a very expensive goofball for Sheriff? Has any Dem announced yet?