Fire the owners and nationalize all sports! Full communism is the only solution to dumb owners

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Perhaps Washington DC’s football fans will usher in a new golden age of socialism where Obama has failed? Maybe. It works in Green Bay. Anyway, even if big time sports aren’t nationalized, if there is such a thing as cosmic justice, Daniel Snyder will die penniless and alone.

Owners are the worst thing about professional sports. Professional sports team owners, like most of the modern global mega-rich, tend to exhibit most or all of the following traits: General cluelessness about matters unrelated to the immediate field in which they made their fortune; unjustified faith, despite that cluelessness, in their own abilities and intelligence; the related belief that their expertise in money hoarding translates to expertise in all other fields of human endeavor; staggering greed and attendant unscrupulousness. There is no modern football owner who started a team himself and built it into a powerhouse, along the lines of the usual mythic entrepreneurial success story. These are men who made a lot of money and then bought a hobby. They know no more than your typical involved fan. The result is a man like Zygi Wilf, a crooked real estate mogul who seems to have purchased the Minnesota Vikings as part of a scheme to have the city of Minneapolis build him a world-class stadium on their dime.

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  1. John Manifold says:

    Sports mag agrees:

    “The NFL is awful. … the NFL embodies everything that is worst—dumbest and most destructive and reactionary—about American capitalism. Like American capitalism, it is a malignant cancer, and deserves to die.”

  2. Jason330 says:

    The deadspin list is pretty good. I’m so over “military homecoming surprises.”

  3. cassandra m says:

    Like much of Big Business, they are Fleecing Taxpayers too.

  4. Dave says:

    Slow news day?

  5. bamboozer says:

    Play music, not sports. That and just say no to jock junkies.

  6. rustydils says:

    I was watching the Rose Bowl Parade, and one of the high school bands was called the such and such “Indian” high school band. Frankly I was very offended, as my wife is 1/32 Amercian Indian. Where do people get off giving people and organizations nick names. And another thing, why did my parents nick name me Rusty, my hair is not red, and never was, the only thing that this could mean is that they thought I reminded them of rust. That is not very flattering. I think we should just outlaw all nicknames.

    But really, most Indian nations receive a huge amount of support from the tax payers of the nation. I want to see a survey of people who are not on the government tit who think the nickname Redskins is offensive. Being on the government tit is kind of like being in Prison. Prisoners have no rights, and as far as I am concerned, people who have other people support them should not be part of the discussion as to what offends people. To have the right to do that, first you have to be able to support yourself, without your friends and neighbors paying for stuff you want, but are unable to afford on your own.

  7. orestes says:

    Dan Snyder has donated extensively to liberal politicians. His attorney is Clinton shill Lannie Davis. Go Hillary, Keep the Redskins.

  8. Black Cobain says:

    To be very honest, the way the NFL’s business is set up, it is far from a capitalist structure. There is revenue sharing, unlike in most leagues. This means that the more lucrative a teams have to share certain aspects of their income with other teams in the league. The NFL Salary caps to provide “equal playing fields” for each team. This limits the amount of money that teams are allowed to provide their players. So as revenue rises, payroll remains the same. Every team in the NFL has a publicly funded stadium. Nothing capitalistic about that. The NFL is complete socialism.