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Our congressman, you know, the one who refused to push for Congress to stay in session until benefits to the long-term unemployed were restored, nevertheless found the time to send out this e-mail, presumably from the comforts of his home, which I received at 5:21 pm on New Year’s Eve:


Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of talking with thousands of Delawareans as I’ve traveled up and down the state. I’ve heard their stories of success, hard work, disappointment, frustration, and hope. I watched Delawareans in uniform go off to war, while their families waited steadfastly for them to return.

I don’t let a day go by without realizing how lucky I am to represent these individuals – and the rest of my fellow Delawareans. It’s a great privilege that comes with the responsibility to do what’s right for the country.

This past year was certainly a challenging one in Congress. In this new year, I hope my colleagues and I can come together to address the very serious challenges facing the country and to give the American people the government they deserve.

For my part, I’m entering this new year with feelings of hope and determination. I pray that you and your families are blessed with good health and happiness in 2014.

Happy New Year,


P.S. 2014 also brings with it an election year. Please help me continue serving the people of Delaware by donating to my campaign here.

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That’s right. What would New Year’s Eve be like without Carney the Craven trying to separate you from a few more bucks before the Witching Hour? None of those bucks, by the way, designated to go to those losing their unemployment benefits. As their benefits expire, thanks in part due to the inaction of Carney and his ilk, Carney needs your dollars to continue living in the style to which he has become accustomed.

Now, go back and read what he wrote. There is literally nothing of substance there. The guy has totally given up even the pretense of caring about anything but his own ill-deserved political future.

Memo to everybody: He does not serve ‘the people of Delaware’, and contributing to his substance-free, but cash-rich, campaign will do nothing to change that.

So, let’s start off 2014 with what we really need: the most suitable nickname we can stick onto this empty suit. I’ll throw out the first three possibilities:

1. Carney the Craven

2. Concord Coalition Carney

3. (In honor of the time-dishonored tradition of ripping off the rubes at the local carnival) Carny.

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  1. Devol says:

    Actually, what we really need is a primary candidate. Someone whose last name does not start with a C would be a good start. A female or minority candidate would be even better. Its time all these guys have to start fighting to keep representing us.

  2. AGovenor says:

    @Devol will you finance my primary challenge?

  3. Steve Newton says:

    Here’s the problem with any potential primary opponent: start with the $638,000 John Carney had banked by September 30, according to Open Secrets. While you are there, take a look at who is bankrolling him. No small time liquor execs or developers for our man John:

    Securities and Investment sectors $46K
    Insurance sector $33K
    Commercial banks: $23K
    Accountants: $23K
    Finance and Credit companies $22K

    Leading PAC contributors
    Investment Co Institute $9.5K
    Price Waterhouse Coopers $8.5K
    Ind Insurance Agents and Brokers of America $6K
    Community Financial Services Assn $5K
    Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers $5K

    All at

    Exactly how do you ask somebody to step into the teeth of that?

    As for your reference, how about John Carney (D-Finance and Insurance)?

  4. Well, I’d remove the ‘D’ from his affiliation.

    The way someone could run against him is to point out that he is who his campaign financiers want him to be. Run a grassroots campaign as the alternative to Corporative Captive Carney. After all, we’re all captives of the corporatocracy that controls our congressional delegation.

  5. Devol says:

    I am but a mere lowly public servant, making less than the average starting salary of a finance major but I will be happy to contribute what I can to any decent person who is willing.

  6. You have to turn his perceived advantage, lotsa bucks, into a disadvantage, beholden to the oligarchy.

    Hammer him over his dependency on contributions from big finance and the big corporations. Emphasize how his voting record demonstrates his kneejerk support for his bankrollers’ interests and his lack of concern for working people, poor people, people the system has deemed as disposable.

    It can be done. It HAS been done. Just requires the right person. Which, I admit, is not easy.

  7. AGovernor says:

    @El Somnambulo any suggestions for that person?

  8. JulieAndrews says:

    I would have to go with Carny.

  9. the cajun says:

    I received the money-beg, too. I would have laughed at the irony if it wasn’t so sad and yes, craven. “Help me, not the unemployed. They are no worthy.”

    How about “Cavin’ Craven Carney”???

    Just my 2-cents, plain.


  10. Jason330 says:

    It is a shame. It didn’t have to go this way.

  11. I dunno, Jason.

    When you look back and see how he was plucked out of the Carper Administration to become a politician despite a notable lack of charisma, you might come to the same conclusion that I have reached:

    He was chosen because he was just like Carper.

    And I think that Carper leveraged support for Minner by forcing Carney onto the ticket.

    And now, um, he’s just like Carper.

  12. Jason330 says:

    Securities and Investment sectors $46K
    Insurance sector $33K
    Commercial banks: $23K
    Accountants: $23K
    Finance and Credit companies $22K
    Investment Co Institute $9.5K
    Price Waterhouse Coopers $8.5K
    Ind Insurance Agents and Brokers of America $6K
    Community Financial Services Assn $5K
    Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers $5K

    I guess you are right.

  13. mediawatch says:

    So, why is he asking for your money, or mine?

  14. People who are relatively new to Delaware politics might not remember how surprising Minner’s selection of Carney to run for Lt. Governor on the ticket was. His name wasn’t even in the Leg Hall rumor mill, much less the rank-and-file statewide. Apparently the only people who even thought of Carney as a candidate were the Carperatzzi, and they weren’t talking.

    Until Carney emerged as a fully-formed candidate direct from the underground labs of Carper Cryogenics.

    The conventional wisdom was that Minner would choose an elected official (male) from NCC to provide geographical balance to the ticket–Rick DiLiberto and Dave Sokola were among the rumored.

    Carney was painful as a campaigner at the beginning. While he’s gotten better, no one would argue that he is top-shelf in that regard.

    I think Minner chafed at having had Carney forced onto the ticket. Which might help explain (along with pressure from Biden) why she chose Ted Kaufman to fill Biden’s Senate seat instead of Carney. Pretty much EVERYONE thought it was gonna be Carney, even when we traipsed upstairs to the Governor’s office for the announcement. Boy, were we surprised. Best thing Minner ever did.

  15. Jason330 says:

    I think Minner chafed…

    How can someone who owed her entire career to insider-y moves and horse trades chafe?

  16. the cajun says:

    OK, two things I just read are cringe-worthy: “Carney is just like Carper” and “Minner Chafed” – on spare me the visuals, please.

  17. In response to how one should interpret the ‘Minner chafed’ comment, I can only say: Depends…

  18. Kevin Izzo says:

    Here is an official FEC filed candidate.
    Rose Izzo has challenged the GOP, helped Independents & received many votes as a registered Republican & a registered Democrat.

    The Izzo for Congress campaign has been challenging John Carney’s voting record in a grassroots effort. You can read it on Twitter @realRoseIzzo ..

    Rose has the support of Democrats, Independents, Republicans & others.

    You asked for a female candidate.
    Here is an Italian woman!

    If you want to run for congress yourself, put up the $3480.00 filings fee (Major Party). We did in 2010 & 2012. Or help break the cycle by helping someone who stepped up year after year.

    Rose Izzo is now accepting donations for her U.S. House campaign.

    Please help reach the goal:

    Thank you,

  19. Nuttingham says:

    Guns and Rose-izzos.

    Education platform? Sweet Child.
    Military development? Rocket Queen.
    Term limits? 14 Years.
    Foriegn Policy? Chinese Democracy.

  20. Geezer says:

    Thank you, Kevin Izzo, for reminding us that some cures are worse than the diseases they address.

  21. From the Rose Izzo Twitter account:

    Save the BS! You all bailed on the American unemployed citizens for the holidays >>@SenatorReid, @JohnCarneyDE, @ChrisCoons & @SenatorCarper

  22. cassandra_m says:

    No outing. No more warnings, either.

  23. Kevin Izzo says:

    Sorry, did not know that was a warning… Hence the question mark… Lighten up Cass..

  24. cassandra m says:

    It isn’t as though you are new here, and there is a detailed Rules of the Road for participating on this blog at the top of the page under About. If you are going to be here, have the grace to read something about the standards.

  25. Besides, way to win friends and influence people who might be fed up with Carny (name change pending).

    No further need to wonder why Rose Izzo is viewed as a joke.

  26. Kevin Izzo says:

    Thanks for the tip.. Happy New Year & God Bless 🙂