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Filed in Delaware by on December 24, 2013

I debated about whether to post this, but here is a picture of Governor Markell enjoying a holiday vacation with his lovely wife Carla in St. John, USVI yesterday. Happy Holidays, Governor!*

* and to the haters out there who are angry that I said “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” well, the Markells are Jewish, as are a great many of your fellow citizens. Not everyone is Christian. So saying Happy Holidays is appropriate.

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  1. Waitaminnit!

    Isn’t there a ribbon-cutting at a General Dollar Store in the First State today?

    Who’s gonna cut the ribbon and who’s gonna take the picture?

    (Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Happy holidays, Governor and Carla.)

  2. bamboozer says:

    Very rich one percenter uncle took my whole family to St. Johns for a week in the early sixties, good choice Jack and don’t forget to see the steel drum band.

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