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Glenn Beck is slamming New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his record — and his weight — calling the governor a “fat nightmare.”

“Chris Christie is a fat nightmare. He is a nightmare,” Beck said in an interview with CNN’s S.E. Cupp that is set to air on Friday’s “Piers Morgan Live.”

An aside – Beck trashed Christie to Cupp on Piers Morgan’s show. Let that sink in an try to get your head around it. I can’t think of liberal names to substitute that would make any kind parallel universe sense. Michael Moore trashed Bennie Sanders to Markos Moulitsas who was filling in for Rachael Maddow (?) When that happens Hube and I will be brothers, because at long last – our mutual dream of a liberal media will be realized.

Anyway, back to the story. I happen to agree with Beck that Christie is fat. That Christie is a liberal…? Not so much.

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  1. John Manifold says:

    Who was the amateur Limbaugh gassing nonstop on WVUD last evening around 6:45?

    Is this a sop to conservative trustees?

  2. jason330 says:

    My guess would be denial of maternal affection.

  3. cassandra_m says:

    The WVUD website says that show is Newark INKWIRE (John Campbell and friends address topics from the right side of the aisle).

  4. cassandra_m says:

    And while we are talking about journalism — Political Centrism Is Not Objectivity

    Under the norm of objectivity that dominates mainstream political journalism in the United States, reporters are supposed to avoid endorsing competing political viewpoints or proposals. In practice, however, journalists often treat centrist policy priorities—especially on fiscal policy—as value-neutral. That’s wrong. While it’s widely accepted that the federal government faces limits on what it can borrow in the financial markets, there is significant disagreement, including among experts, over the priority that should be given to reducing current deficit and debt levels relative to other possible policy objectives. It is, in other words, a political issue. Reporters often ignore this conflict, treating deficit-cutting as a non-ideological objective while portraying other points of view as partisan or political. That’s why it’s not accepted for reporters to explicitly advocate, say, abortion bans or recognition of gay marriage, but criticism of the president for not advocating entitlement cuts with sufficient fervor can run in a “factcheck” column.

    The Centrist POV is not neutral, it is centrist. And this might help to explain how journalists can still assign “centrist” to people who clearly don’t vote that way — discussion of “deficit cutting” helps get you into the centrist club, no matter what else you do.

  5. Gemma says:

    I think Glenn Beck calling someone fat is amusing!

  6. Tom McKenney says:

    The WVUD show is just a parroting of wing-nut talking heads. I have never heard John Campbell express an original or nuanced thought.

  7. Journey to the Center of the Center says:

    Ah the center…a relative position of permanent relativity.

    Hi, I’m a centrist, I won’t just sit still for nothing, I’ll stand for it!

    A barren wasteland of manufactured credibility and contrived gravitas where cool headed bipartisan deal-cutting wise men hammer out a compromise consensus that hands everyone half a loaf of shit and calls it the loaves and fishes.

  8. LeBay says:

    “Ah the center…a relative position of permanent relativity.

    Hi, I’m a centrist, I won’t just sit still for nothing, I’ll stand for it!”

    Said the extremist.

    Please read about the history of this country. Or maybe just learn how to read. Did you attend the meeting in Cecil County?

  9. Dorian Gray says:

    @LeBay… Right on, sister! (or brother). It was fence sitting, delay and difficult compromise that created the country in the late 18th century. The Civil War was delayed and delayed until finally it had to be fought. As the British Empire wound down in the early 20th century the USA’s purview grew and it culminated with our leading role in the WWII victory. By 1945 the USA was the world power. Communism feel. Thanks to bumbling misguided ideas, procrastination, diplomatic stumbles and compromises nobody liked.

    Now I’m a Chomsky/Zinn student myself so I understand how dirty even the compromises were. Lots of nasty business to be sure, but dim wits like J2tCotC has absolutely no prespective on anything. But never fear, the country has alway been full of idiots and simpletons… and we made it this far.