In Which Sheriff Christopher Pretends He’s Real Law Enforcement Again

Filed in Delaware by on December 17, 2013

The ever hapless but ever blustering Sheriff Christopher has signed on to an effort to not enforce President Obama’s gun control laws — whatever they might be. If you look at this list of associations and Sheriff’s who have signed on to this idiocy, you can definitely tell that the completely non-law enforcement Christopher is hoping that no one will notice that he is not wearing the grownup’s long pants at this table. He can’t enforce anything, so here he is pretending he really does belong at the grownup table. But the other thing that is funny about this bit of wingnuttery is that there are new gun control laws right in his own backyard that he can’t be bothered to claim to not be enforcing. Maybe he won’t enforce these laws in where ever it is that he is supposed to be moving to after being smacked down by the state courts.

Most police oaths involve a commitment to uphold the constitution and the laws of your jurisdiction. All of these Sheriffs are in violation of those oaths, in addition to not knowing that they have a wannabe Sheriff in their midst. You can see the wannabe still squealing about fighting for his rights here on his Facebook page , trying to get people to pony up for this crazy coin as a way to pay for this boondoggle. And who could possibly be stupid enough to buy these things?

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  1. Jason330 says:

    If you buy that coin and bury it at midnight near a yew tree during a full moon it will turn into gold plates, and on those plates will be written the next Mega-Ball drawing numbers.

  2. anon says:

    Looks like he has a graduating class of craziness, too. I can’t believe that many people went to his Constitutional Sheriff’s classes. Sussex County is fucked up.

    This is the organization that held the classes on the “Constitution.” It’s all about shoving Jesus down everyone’s throats because that’s what the Founders wanted.

  3. delaware lefty says:

    It appears that Barney has co-opted the shield of the Sussex County’s Sheriffs Office for his fundraising coin. Does the county approve of this? I am going to miss this guy when he rides off into the sunset.

  4. Donviti says:

    I’m in!

  5. X Stryker says:

    I promise, as a fellow person with no enforcement authority, to enforce no laws whatsoever! I will, however, abide by them.

  6. Old Sussex County Native says:

    Now he is starting to remind me of some movie I once saw where the town lunatic got right in front of the color guard leading a parade, and as the crowds were clapping and cheering, he thought it was for him, so he kept going. Didn’t have the sense to understand the clapping was for the parade, and that people were smiling and laughing at the kook who thought he was leading a parade.

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