Cookie Hooky Day!

Filed in Delaware by on December 16, 2013

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really far behind this holiday season!  Today I took my daughter out of school for a cookie hooky day.  Chocolate chips, peanut butter, sugar cookies and chocolate-orange- coffee truffles are on the agenda.  Guess I’ll start shopping tomorrow!

If you’re done all this stuff… that makes me feel sad and inferior.


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  1. Joanne Christian says:

    Well, let me just put these Halloween decorations away, and I’ll be right back w/ you. And since I never had a Thanksgiving Dinner, because hubs hit a deer, totaling the car and electric went out, we defaulted to the Chesapeake Inn—I’ve already put Christmas Eve dinner guests on alert it WILL BE turkey, in case they were expecting something else. And baking? If the returning college kids don’t take that over, as they come thru the door, it’s popcorn balls and muddy buddies only in this house.

    You’re doing great Pandora.

  2. auntie dem says:

    I’m still in the doghouse for suggesting “Bobbie” sandwiches for Thanksgiving but yesterday I wandered through Zingo’s and stocked up on boxes and cans for Winter Solstice dinner. I’ll be sure to hide them before the gang gathers in the kitchen.

    I’m meeting friends for lunch today. No time for baking, that’s what Serpes is for. And as for shopping, if I haven’t already bought it it will be on sale next month.

    Let the fun begin.

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