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One year ago today, 26 children and their teachers were gunned down in their school in Newton, CT. There are quiet memorials going on all over the country — the most important one probably being remembering to hug your kids tight today. Especially since there have been 20 school shootings in the US since Newtown and it is apparent that we (not sure if that includes the shooting in Colorado yesterday — two kids wounded and the shooter killed himself), as a nation, are just fine with the fact that our kids may not return after a school day because of more gun violence. I hope everyone is thinking about all of the families whose children did not get a chance to grow up today.

The Washington Post has a story showing that while we all remember Newtown, there were 71 young children who were gunned down in 2012.

And since this is a political blog, take a look at this:
senators bought by nra

The number of death due to guns since Newtown is difficult to pinpoint, but using Slate’s @GunDeaths project, they count 11,487 deaths. For the money that the NRA spent buying these votes, that works out to about $711 paid to Senators per death. I’d love to see someone actually ask one of them is they think this is a good price for helping to maintain a violent society.

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  1. Just Noticing says:

    You did realize that the shooter in Colorado was another liberal, as witnessed by his anti-Republican rants on Facebook. Given the community where he lives, he probably comes from one of those super affluent families that spawned the Newtown shooter. He apparently wanted to kill the debate team sponsor because he got kicked off the team — one of those cases of an entitled child of privilege who has been told over and over by mummy and daddy that he is the most special little thing to ever walk the face of the earth and he deserves everything he ever wants because of his exceptional specialness.

    The answer? Keep guns out of the hands of rich liberals.

  2. G.T. Anderson says:

    After Sandy Hook, President Obama promised police officers in every school in America. I thought it was a brilliant idea. What ever happened to that? We presently have over 800,000 active police officers in the US and another 500,000 retired cops looking for work. We have roughly 100,000 schools. We can make this happen. Why haven’t we?

  3. AQC says:

    So, Just Noticing, you’re for gun control?

  4. Liberal Elite says:

    “The answer? Keep guns out of the hands of rich liberals.”

    Yea… Let’s do it.

  5. Just Noticing says:

    Given that I believe liberalism is a mental illness, I believe that we already have the laws on the books to reach that result.

  6. SussexAnon says:

    Being anti-republican does not automatically make you a liberal.

  7. AQC says:

    And, speaking of mental illness, the tea party has been pretty anti republican.

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