Wednesday Open Thread [12.11.13]

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Since the Conservative Outrage Machine is in real silly season outrage mode today over the fact that President 1) showed respect and civility by shaking another head of state’s hand and 2) did not show respect and civility by posing for a funeral selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Danish Prime Minister, I feel a detour into music is warranted.

I always love these DJ Earworm mashups every year, and here is his attempt for 2013.

Meh. For some reason the songs don’t fit together as well this year. Oh well. It’s a shame too, since this decade (what do we call it, the Teens?) has a very distinctive sound to its pop music, and that is the first time that has happened to music since the 80′s. I don’t know how to describe the sound, but listen to these songs and tell me you don’t hear it:

Called out in the Dark by Snow Patrol

Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

Wild by Royal Teeth

Inner Ninja by Classified

Chocolate by The 1975

Let’s Go by Matt & Kim

Am I wrong? Do you not hear a similar musical style or sound?

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  1. Tom Kline says:

    Castro is a Communist thug and deserves zero respect except from other Communists…

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    LOL Tom. The lessons of Mandela are lost on you. But I suppose you condemn Mandela as just another communist too, right?

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