Ladies And Gentlemen, I Give You… Another Snow Day!

Filed in Delaware by on December 10, 2013

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I have things to get done – a lot of things!  But… a snow day brings out the kid in me.

Most schools are closed.  The forecast is calling for 4-6 inches of snow, but given that they called for an inch on Sunday… I’m expecting several feet!

Enjoy and drive safely.


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  1. Jason330 says:

    Nothing by me in Smyrna.

  2. Dana says:

    Feel free to take our share of the snow!

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    Yeah, it is snowing heavily in Talleyville for the last hour.

  4. Dave says:

    Nothing in Sussex. Didn’t expect anything. Snow at the beach would harsh my mellow.

  5. auntie dem says:

    It started out here in Hockessin around 7:00 and it’s still heavy and starting to blow. We had a good melt yesterday but it’s BAAAACK. It’s gonna be a homemade soup day. It also looks like we’ll be shopping at the last minute this year. How did that happen?

  6. Jason330 says:

    Bastard! Now that crappy song is in my head.

  7. MarkH says:

    One of the things I don’t miss now that I’m out here in Arizona.. Snow.

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