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At least we know her mind won’t be preoccupied with haute couture.

Here’s the black-on-black ensemble she sported last month when President Barack Obama officially nominated her:

Somebody Spot Janet Yellen Some New Threads

(Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

And her battle gear of choice for today’s nomination hearing on Capitol Hill:

Somebody Spot Janet Yellen Some New Threads

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Mind you, nobody has ever accused HOH of being particularly stylish. But we do manage to switch up outfits on the reg.

OMG!  A women wore the same outfit within 30 days!  Not kidding.  Just stop.  And using the term reg?  Um… remind me again, who’s the loser?


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  1. cassandra m says:

    This is the usual assholish stuff from the Beltway crowd. If you haven’t read the comments here, do yourself a favor — this reporter is being trashed but good. Enough so that he wrote a response.

  2. AGovernor says:

    Doesn’t the President, the VP and oh say all the male members of Congress pretty much wear the same thing EVERYDAY?

    Who cares as long as she doesn’t stink up the place with B.O.

  3. Rhubard says:

    There once was a lady named Yellen
    Whose wardrobe was less than compellin’
    She dressed off the rack
    Never red, only black
    Guess the bling made her look like a felon

  4. Donna says:

    Really? and what she is wearing is our biggest problem?…get a grip and deal with real issues already!!

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