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Filed in Arts and Entertainment by on November 8, 2013

Always been a huge Springsteen fan even though his more recent albums have left me unenthused.

But here’s why I love him. He’s on a European tour and…well, let’s just let Bruce tell it:

Finally, after being pursued from city to city (to city to city) by a man with a sign and a one track mind we hooked it up with the Roma Sinfonietta in Rome for the tour’s only performance of “NYC Serenade.” Best, Bruce:

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Awesome rendition. I loved the thanking the symphony members at the end.

  2. Also loved the fact that the Professor basically played David Sancious’ original intro almost note for note. For those a little late to Springsteen, his first pianist was Sancious, who had a more jazz and soul-inflected style than Bittan. Went off on his own to pursue his jazz muse.

    The original video was on the American Songwriter website, and it’s worth seeking out, if only to see Bruce go into the audience, take the banner from the fan, bring it onstage, and then open it up for the audience to see: “NYC Serenade”. Classic. Don’t know why it was excised from the youtube vid.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Someone collected a bunch of people thanking Bruce on video. The gratitude for the man and his career was so deep and heartfelt. For me and a great many others, Springsteen is the American Verdi or Wagner.