I never thought I could like Terry McAuliffe…

Filed in National by on October 25, 2013

mostly because I never thought a dyed in the wool, liberal hating, DLC simp like McAuliffe could ever be reformed.   Times change.

WHY THE VIRGINIA GUBERNATORIAL CAMPAIGN MATTERS: Ron Brownstein has an interesting look at how Dem Terry McAuliffe’s embrace of liberal positions on social issues, gun control, and immigration highlights the Democratic Party’s larger increasing reliance on its new coalition of minorities, young voters, and college educated whites. Other red/purple state Dems are following this trend, and if McAuliffe wins, it will cement the emerging consensus that Dems should continue embracing liberal positions and rely less and less on the culturally conservative whites Dems used to fear alienating.

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  1. Dave says:

    The election is less about McAuliff, than it is about the whack job Cucinelli. McAuliffe wins because Cucinelli is so far out of the mainstream that he scares people. Any candidate that wants to govern people’s bedrooms and bodies is doomed, unless they are running in Mississippi or a few other states.