Carney Misses Chance for Bipartisanship

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When it comes to John Carney’s cherished bipartisanship vs. the obligation to do the job he was elected to do, John Carney has chosen…neither.

According to this article, 162 members of the U. S. House of Representatives have called for a debate in Congress prior to any authorization of attacking Syria. 62 Democrats are among those signing the letters to call for such action. John Carney is not among them.

Is it his signature intellectual incuriosity, or is it his total belief in the assertion of government officials that they have incontrovertible proof that they JUST CAN’T SHARE WITH US? Anybody remember Yellowcake and Niger? Apparently not John.

To me, the assertions from Kerry and Obama have no more credibility than those of Dubya, Condoleeza Rice, and Colin Powell. Not without, you know, real facts.

Is it asking too much for Mr. Reaching Hands Across the Aisle to at least do his job?

No, not when we’re once again on the precipice of military involvement without a well-articulated purpose, and without the facts to justify such an involvement.

Somebody needs to primary this guy. He’s just not cuttin’ it. Doesn’t even seem to be interested.

If the threat of yet another mindless military move is not enough to rouse Carney from his torpor, maybe a primary will.

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  1. According to Al Arabayi News, the rebel forces controlling the town of Moadamiyeh had been under siege since about August 14, with Assad Forces regaining control of this suburb of Damascus on August 29. Why would Assad levy a chemical attack on civilians in this town on August 21 as reported to the UN? Does such a chemical attack make any sense to anyone? More questions than answers, Mr. President. Answers should preceed killing and war. Rep. Carney, will killing serve as a deterrent to future use of chemical weapons, as argued by Rep. Chris Van Hollen? Killing to deter killing by killers? Does this make any sense ? Punish them in international tribunals; punish them with international condemnation and sanctions.