Planned Parenthood owes more to Delaware’s women

Filed in Delaware by on August 5, 2013


I am proudly pro-choice, and I agree with former President Bill Clinton, who said abortions should be safe, legal and rare.

That’s why what’s been happening at Planned Parenthood of Delaware over the last couple of months is so unsettling.

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Rob Tornoe is a local cartoonist and columnist, and can be seen in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Press of Atlantic City, The News Journal, and the Dover Post chain of newspapers. He's also a contributor to Media Matters and WHYY. Web site: Twitter: @RobTornoe

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  1. Brian says:

    Are outpatient surgery clinics subject to routine inspections in Delaware? If so, why not regulate PP like them? Of course PP would need decent funding to keep operating and up to par but that’s another discussion.

  2. socialistic ben says:

    I agree with Brian. PP is horribly underfunded. It isn’t an excuse for bad behavior, but it does explain why some things go through the cracks.

    It’s the GOP model in action. Defund the thing you hate so it stops working, then use it not working as an excuse to shut it down.

  3. AQC says:

    Funding issues cannot be used as an excuse for lying and covering up. I’m an avid supporter of Planned Parenthood, but they are making it difficult right now.

  4. SYH says:

    There was never really the possibility that baby killing could be smooth sailing, though I certainly see why Democrats enjoy the quiet societal machinations to limit the number of poor people, so they won’t have to ever touch them.

    But bottom line….the truth always had to be hidden, legal or not, because it is dirty, immoral business. The law may be choice, but the reality is blood soaked and indefensible.

    If you believe in it, carry out the medical waste at PP. Peek in the bag and revel in your success. Squash the little fingers and toes. Rub the gore all over your face.

    Own it. If you believe it.

    Otherwise, you’re just cowards.

  5. Brian says:

    Never said inadequate funding excuses bad practice. I’m saying subject PP to the same regs as surgery clinics…because it is surgery performed by physicians. Or have PP physicians credentialed at local hospitals and use their operating rooms or outpatient surgicenters.