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More Hillary news — she continues to dominate the early polling for President in 2016. Quinnipiac released another of their tracking polls this week:

Clinton = 55% favorable; 38% unfavorable; 5% haven’t heard enough
Biden = 38% favorable; 44% unfavorable: 16% haven’t heard enough
Christie = 45% favorable; 18% unfavorable; 34% haven’t heard enough
Paul == 31% favorable; 28% unfavorable; 39% haven’t heard enough

Clinton v Christie: 46 – 40
Clinton v Paul: 50 – 38
Biden v Christie: 35 – 46 (slipping from March 40 – 43)
Biden v Paul: 42 – 42 (Paul slipped in this one, 39 – 43)

My favorite question in this poll:

32. Which comes closer to your point of view; there is gridlock in Washington mainly because President Obama lacks the personal skills to convince leaders of Congress to work together, or there is gridlock in Washington mainly because Republicans in Congress are determined to block any President Obama initiative?

Obama lacks skills = 35%
Republicans Block agenda = 51%

Asked about Immigration, 54% said that they should have a chance to stay with a path to citizenship; 12% said they should be allowed to stay with no path to citizenship; and 28% said they should not be allowed to stay at all.

What interests you on this nice Saturday?


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  1. cassandra_m says:

    This is exactly why background checks for private gun sales are needed — Nevada Mother questions the sale of a gun to her mentally ill son. The young man had been institutionalized previously and his folks had legal guardianship of him. It was a cop who sold this kid the weapon, too. Nevada’s Governor vetoed a bill for private sales background checks, while this kid’s mother is looking for a way to warn off potential gun sellers.

  2. xstryker says:

    Zimmerman not guilty BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT

  3. bamboozer says:

    The presidency is Hilary’s to take and I find Christie a paper tiger that will not stand the light of day. Or a profile shot for that matter, his campaign mantra should be Stop, Drop and Roll to Victory. As for the Zimmerman trial expect the “stand your ground” defense to become very popular, very quickly. Florida boycott anyone?