The Everything Must Go The Budget Must Pass June 30 Last Day of the Session Thread

Filed in Delaware by on June 30, 2013

June 30. The only day on the legislative calendar, or any calendar for that matter, that lasts much longer than 24 hours. So here is your thread for following the last minute last second backroom deals.

Post anything you hear here for discussion. And you can follow the twitter stream of the Delaware House Dems for more info. And if you post on Twitter or Facebook, use the hash tag #DEJune30.

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    According to Twitter — Darryl Scott filed HB 216 which would move last call from 1AM to 2AM. He won’t work it tonight, though, but filed for the next Session.

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    Rep. Paul Baumbach at the Bill Signing of his Manufactured Home bills.

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    Ashley Dawson ‏@DSNAshleyDawson — Sen. Colin Bonini to lose weight to raise money for humane association — seeks pledges/support from Senate #DEJune30

  4. Delaware Dem says:

    Mike Matthews ‏@dwablog — Oh my

  5. Delaware Dem says:

    Secretary Landgraf in the Senate for DHSS-related bills that need final passage. #DEJune30

  6. Delaware Dem says:

    Rainbow outside Leg Hall. Symbolic of the great progress during this session on marriage equality and anti-discrimination efforts.

  7. Steve Newton says:

    Thanks for that link DelDem. It worked. I was going crazy trying to make another one work.

  8. Delaware Dem says:

    Lawmakers considering re-running @BeauBiden ‘s mental health gun bill. Gun control opponents not happy.

  9. Delaware Dem says:

    Bonini being an ass and objected to the suspension of rules on HB 151 (Bail Bond Agents). Motion to suspend the rules passes 13-7.

    The Senate needs a new reading clerk.

  10. Delaware Dem says:

    This guy wants the mentally ill to have all the weapons they want. Probably because he looks mentally ill himself.

  11. Delaware Dem says:

    Worth noting: In less than 5 hrs, same-sex marriage will be legal in #Delaware thx to HB 75 (Smith)

  12. I’d better get a few wedding invitations…or else!

  13. Delaware Dem says:

    The Senate is now working from “Must Lists” rather than agendas, as in ‘we must pass this stuff tonight’ #DEJune30

  14. SussexWatcher says:

    I think the Senate Rs may be objecting to all rules suspensions tonight.

  15. Delaware Dem says:

    Nancy Willing ‏—- Friends in the lobby say Blevins has pulled SB 151 – the Treasurer “fix” bill #DEJune30

  16. Nancy Willing says:

    I am in the basement library with other lobbyists listening to the Senate. Someone just came in and said that they have never seen the Senate balcony closed. Every seat is taken.
    There is a real party atmosphere around here. I guess it feels good to know it will all be over in another four hours.

    I grabbed the nine House agenda and ready lists – all hues of the rainbow.

    For those listening, when the House members are asked to look on their Agenda III (Brown) it will be time to cross your fingers and hope they get to #7 (B 147 w/SA1 SA2) and #8 (SB 148) – Townsend’s hard-fought Charter School Law Revision oversight legislation.

  17. Mike Matthews says:

    Sorry, gang. Had to bail early. 6am flight to Atlanta and I just wasn’t feeling all the commotion this year. Here’s hoping Townsend’s HB 165 “revision” bills (SB 147 and SB 148) make it out of the House.

  18. John Young says:

    Those two bills will do nothing to course correct the bad law created by HB 165.

  19. Maria Evans told me she has a video up on her facebook page of the crazy wingnut pictured above with the Biden=Nazi sign.
    When asked what he finds objectionable about HB 88 it’s blank stare-DUH-I don’t know-I didn’t read it time.