Everyone in Delaware loves roads, until they have to pay for them

Filed in Delaware by on June 19, 2013


Here’s a fun game. Find someone wearing one of those yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirts and start complaining about the quality of Delaware’s roads. I’m sure you’ll hear a mouthful about potholes, uneven payment and complaints about traffic.

Then ask how we should pay to fix it, and watch their head explode.

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Rob Tornoe is a local cartoonist and columnist, and can be seen in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Press of Atlantic City, The News Journal, and the Dover Post chain of newspapers. He's also a contributor to Media Matters and WHYY. Web site: RobTornoe.com Twitter: @RobTornoe

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    I ask the don’t-tax-me types how all of the stuff they want the government to do will happen if they don’t pay for it. After all, if gas cost more for you and me, it also costs more for the government too. I never get anything more astute than “stop paying for waste, fraud and abuse” or to stop paying for programs that don’t work. I almost never get any detail on this. But in Delaware, I do ask if we could cut back on beach replenishment programs, since they obviously don’t work. And in Delaware, your Don’t Tread On Me Types are pretty damned invested in having their beach.

    I blame politicians for this, though. Almost all of them are busily trying to validate the All the Government You Can Eat for Free mindset that taxpayers have.

  2. Lebay says:

    “All the Government You Can Eat for Free”

    cassandra wins the line of the day contest.

  3. jmarie says:

    It wouldn’t hurt if deldot’s real estate division wasn’t giving away land for cheap while overpaying for aquisitions. They also are doing improvements on roads that don’t need
    It. I have no problem paying taxes to improve infastructure but the utter incompetence of deldot is too much to bear. I expect a civil engineer to be in charge, not some half- assed joker political appointee.!

  4. Falcor says:

    “I never get anything more astute than “stop paying for waste, fraud and abuse” or to stop paying for programs that don’t work.”

    Both of which you can find in spades in the one goverment institution they support… the military.