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Filed in National by on May 25, 2013

An edited version (approx. 9.5 minutes long) of the famous (and gorgeous) David Foster Wallace graduation speech at Kenyon College. It is well worth finding the entire speech to read or listen to:


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  1. mascootz says:

    Thank you for reposting this video. The idiots at Hachette Book Group and the David Foster Wallace literary trust has forced many to take this video down. Google who the literary trust is and you’ll find out it’s Bonnie Nadel. She and the publisher are holding this video ransom for a few small dollars. They fail to realize that people are so angry about their corporate greed. Don’t buy any more Hachette books. They don’t deserve our business when they force down a wonderful video down promoting their own clients work. Its amazing to everyone that these people are deciding what we will see in the future and what we won’t be able to see. For me thats the last line. The publishing industry is already on hard times. Actions like this should reinforce why that is the case. Fire Hachette Book Group and Fire his Literary Trust Agent Bonnie Nadel.